Monday, July 19, 2010

18 hour day

This never happens to me--but today, I had a long day full of just work. Everything about my day, except for the feeding and watering of hosses, which I did on my lunch hour from actual work (at 7 pm mind you), was work related

I woke up at a little after 4 am with a horrible dream about my house, except it was at my farm, being destroyed by something. I assumed it was the crackhead methmaker that used to work for me and lives across the street, but magically seems to stay out of prison, despite making meth in front of God and everybody and stealing from everyone in his vicinity.

It really shook me like nothing but a nightmare can. All my horses were gone, dogs were gone, everything I own pulverized...bad dream. Horrible dream

So I happened to be awake when the phone rang at 4:25 a.m. That ALWAYS means something bad for people who have livestock. And criminal defense lawyers. Although I have to admit that it rarely happens to me as a lawyer, since I do appeals and they are rarely rowdy early in the morning. Things were rolling along full steam ahead on the campaign to bring him down, and of course, then I was so wound, I could hardly go back to sleep. I did kind of doze for a while, but it was not worth the hassle.

Before the end of the morning, said crackhead had long since been taken into custody, a massive search had been carried out, his truck seized--all great things! Really great things!

Evidently, I am not the only person who has been pushing for this. Combine constant pressure with the really strong odor of anhydrous, and no other outcome was possible. It is just so hard to believe that after all this time, maybe we are safe now.

Meth heads are crazy. That is just how they are. They cannot be trusted, they are volatile, can be violent, are completely illogical and downright dangerous. I would rather be in a dark alley with a rabid tiger than a tweaker. Being alone at the farm has scared me since this thing heated up--especially at night, which is when I have had to feed and water to make it through the heat. That is also when the meth sales floor opens up across the street--around 10 pm most nites, he was open for business. You can imagine the only thing worse than a tweaker, is a pack of tweakers--especially when the head tweaker was fully aware that I have been campaigning for his forced retirement

But it is over now.

So to celebrate, I worked for more than twelve hours and just got home. And I do not even care really.


Shelley said...

Drugs make every day ordinary citizens do things that one would never dream they would. I can understand why you were concerned about the pack-o-tweakers across the street. Maybe now you and your farm neighbors can relax and enjoy life a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Good Grief and Heavens to Betsy all rolled into one.

Meth Lab---across the street!

And yes, take care.
Keep Cool Carol

Holly said...

I had no idea about this.


MH (methheads) don't live in the same world we do and absolutely don't behave in even a semi sane manner. They are liable to do damn near anything. When you get more than one in the same's more than double scary.

The Wife said...

Glad you can rest a little easier now that the tweaker is no longer by the farm. I hate supervising meth cases. Never know what you'll find at their house.

Aronjon said...

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