Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bam Bam gets sleepy

There is something so wrong with me, that I love this so much. The resting juice that young mans get so they can be gelded makes me laugh every single time. Every single time. I really do not know what is wrong with me.

This is really about a minute post-resting juice shot.
WOAH----a little woozy. Poor feller. His world must have been spinning.
UH OH----he is going down!
But not in a straight line. Just when I thought he was going down sideways, he landed on his butt.

After that, my pics get a little gross, but I cannot help but take them. He was a good little trooper though, and moo-ed and made funny noises throughout the procedure like most of them do. He spent the evening after the gelding in a pen with his brother Tarzan, and when I got their the next morning, they had let themselves out and were snacking on the new fancy alfalfa in the back barn. I just left them there until after work, and turned them out. He is doing very well now.

I have a crazy week ahead of me---I have to make up some time at work (ALREADY and it is only the second day of the pay period tomorrow), go most of the way to Indianapolis on Tuesday after work, get a bunch of pics taken to provide Tracy, who is going to take over my marketing for me--I clearly suck at it, since I just do not do it. I am still arguing with the new automatic pool vacuuming robot, and the wasps that just will not die and come after us every time we get near the filter. I feel like I have been chasing something for months and I need to slow down. Everything does not have to happen today, even if I feel like it does.


Anonymous said...

Busy Busy Busy----your 'kids' want your full attention at all times.

Paul Harvey Rest of the Story

Whatever happened in you 'elections'

Keep cool and have a safe trip.
Enjoy Carol

Jocelyn said...

I always laugh when Star gets the Sleepy Sleep Juice.

She drools :)

We are going to be in Orlando weekend of 8/14 ! yipeeee
Unless the Air Force screws me out of that too.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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