Saturday, July 24, 2010

Psychological Disorder?

Earlier this week, Rita gave me a hysterical quote she said I needed to put on my blog-- I carried it around ever since waiting to get a free second to post it and now I do not know where it was.

It was something about people who hate me must have some sort of psychological disorder. It was far funnier than that and made me laugh out loud

Then today, at lunch, Jenna told me she is pretty sure I have a psychological disorder, in that I second guess everything I think, say or do. I told her I did not disagree, but I think the disorder is that my reaction to everything is WAY over the top--and my coping mechanism is to dial it down with this second guessing thing.

Interesting theme of the week though--have I gotten so wacked out that I can no longer even recognize it?

Hmm. Discuss amongst yourselves. But if you have anything interesting to say, for God's sake, let me in on it. Apparently, my mental health and perhaps the safety of others depends on it!


Anonymous said...

Disorder! Hm hm!
I have discussed this with "me, myself and I" and we have come to the conclusion that- - - -

Darn---what was I going to say? So who else has 'this' disorder?

Up north where it is susposed to be cool----NAW-----but having fun anyhow---now to think how to get back down without GOING THRU ROAD CONSTRUCTION.

That will be come @#%^@$ disorder.
Enjoy Carol

Holly said...


safety of others. No, we are all well aware of who you are Paige, and we love you...anyways!

hooves said...

Perhaps, that is why you said last night that you might not need a gun? hooves

Jocelyn said...

Man you crack me up. I think every woman who loves horses, and tries to juggle marriage, household, career and a farm is batsh** crazy to start with ;)

It's not you it's THEM!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

That is funny...Have a few hours to blog hop....Love nights like this. There is
new giveaway on my holiday blog...A BOOK EXTRAVAGANZA!

Jodi said...

I suppose I also have a disorder because I like that you have one. Makes me feel comfortable.

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