Saturday, July 24, 2010

I did it again

Every once in a while--or sometimes every day, I do something embarrasing, and it is not on purpose.

Today, I busted my butt grooming horses and doing photos to update the website, and our new FB Farm page (you should go click"Like" so I do not feel like I am talking to myself). Mom came out at 6 to help do pics. It was still about 107 with the heat index. She brought a jug of water and that ever present stupid sweat band she wears on her head.

I do not know who I think I am to criticize how people go around. I have been bushhogging in the dark in my swimming suit for God's sake, and every day, I wear something stupid like my shirt inside out, or non-matching shoes. The fact is, I do not care. I would care if I had more time, but I do not, and it seems crazy to me to keep coming back to the house and changing from real clothes to farm clothes and back again.

Anyway, it was miserable hot out there. Mom gave me her stupid sweat band to hold my hair up as it fell out of my pony tail. We worked for an hour and a half or so, then it was clear we would die if we did not quit. I ran to TSC and bought more things like bolts and nuts, etc, then decided I needed something to eat from Kroger. I knew I smelled like a goat, and looked like I had peed myself from sweating, and God knows what else, but if I came home and showered and changed, I would waste an hour. And like I said--I just do not care.

In I went, and was not there thirty seconds when I saw parents of two friends from high school. I talked to them like normal people, embarrassed about looking absurd. Im sure they get it though, after all, they had to go outside to get to the store too, so they knew it was hot. They looked normal though.

Halfway through talking to them, I realized I had that stupid sweat band on my head.


Gail said...

You money is just as green and your heart just as good, no matter what you wear.

Anonymous said...

Not so! Part of one's clothing these days! Besides-----I think they know you pretty well sooooo

MAKE IT BE COOL ---we are coming back down and DEMAND COOL WEATHER and better road conditions and NO ACCIDENTS today! ! ! !

Enjoy Carol

Fantastyk Voyager said...

LOL, like mother, like daughter!

Shelley said...

I'm always fascinated at the gals I see shopping at the store. Most are decked out in full war paint even if it's just the grocery store. Me, not so much. Many times I'm sweaty and dirty like you and my hair is always pulled back in a pony tail. Sometimes I even wear shorts and my legs haven't been shaved for a week. I care but not enough to do anything about it. Maybe I'll change my tune if I end up on

Holly said...

well yesterday, I had run out of normal blue colored sweats (only thing that will tuck into the garden boots) so I had on multi colored pink/blue/red striped barn/garden boots, red sweat pants and a blue t shirt. I looked re-donk-ulous and I was OUT FRONT by the road.

and I. did. not. care.

I was working in the gawd-awful heat and humidity so anyone who wanted to say something about the get up was welcome to come help.

nobody said anything. Go figure, when you'd like some free help...nobody speaks up!

hooves said...

Perhaps, that is why you didn't see us when you were coming from TSC. We tried to wave at you as we were coming from the Wal-Mart. We even left you a message on your cell, but it was probably full of sweat! I just hope no one took your picture and eventually posts it like those famous pictures from Wal-Mart.

The Wife said...

I bet you were ROCKIN' that sweat band!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I make one concession...and that is I always keep a pair of flip-flops handy so that when I go to the store at the end of the day that I can put them on instead of walking in in boots and shorts.

The gals at the store are so used to seeing me in 'work' mode that when I went in cleaned up one day, they didn't recognize me-LOL.

Hey-I mow in my bathing suit too-LOL...except I do it in the broad daylight. I can only imagine that my new neighbors are happy that at least I am not a complete nudist like the previous owners. Heeheehee!

Anonymous said...

and people wonder why I love you so much!


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