Monday, July 26, 2010

The lists are killing me

Everyone knows I make a list. I make a list of lists.

Mostly I lose the list.

I have found this thing on my phone, which I lose less than most things, that allows me to make lists. You would think this would be the best thing EVER--but really it is just causing me more stress.

Boy howdy, have I gone berserk today. I thought it would help if I made a list on the horn so I could quit worrying that I would continue to forget to send the hay man a check, so I put it on the list. Next thing I knew, I had 15 things on the list to do today. That just makes me crazy. I tried to do one of them--pick up feed that I had set out for me on Saturday and totally forgot about until I saw the elevator dude when I went to TSC--and when I got there, it was no longer out. I can hardly complain, since it is Monday and I had it set out on Saturday, but that is the story of my life. I would have been irritated had it been put out and been rained on too, I guess.

Everything on my list has multiple parts--like pay the house hold bills, and handle the paperwork. I started, but cannot find one bill that is bugging me. So I cannot mark it off the list. Now I feel like even my list is giving me the finger. Its awful.

I am trying to update my website, with my new pics etc, but got distracted by the fact that it is so out of date that it does not even have registered names for horses that are two years old. That is appalling. So now on my list is to talk myself out of feeling like a loser. I did get the registered names on there, update the mares page for who is bred to who, and some other random stuff, but the pics are not even started. Typical.

Also, I cooked dinner, so I could continue to get fatter and I think I may have poisoned myself. If I ate bad meat, how long would it take to make me sick? Is an hour or two too fast?

I should just go to bed. I really should. But I am not tired, and that never happens. I am always exhausted. If I went to bed, I could get a jump on things in the morning before I go to work--like feed the horses, go to elevator, run to vet for meds for Lassie and other vet for meds for Simba--then I would be a bad ass for knocking five things off my list. What do you bet, I end up tossing and turning until 3 in the morning and am unable to get out of bed until 10 am. That is what normally happens when I am all inspired to do things.

I need to be at work in a reasonable condition as well, since I have to take the interns to a murder trial. I cannot go there with hay in my hair and wearing my handy dandy new sweatband on my head.

I did not even put blogging on my list, and see me doing it in an effort to avoid doing anything else. And it is a completely useless post.

Ugh. Am I the only one who does this crap?


Fantastyk Voyager said...

LOL, too funny! It's not a useless post, I, and I'm sure, others, have enjoyed reading it.

I love making lists because otherwise I always forget. I try to stick to one key word for each thing and keep my lists short. My notes are not even usually in order- just scattered words on a piece of paper in all different directions. I circle the most important things and cross them out when they're done. If they don't get finished, I start the new list with those things and add to it. My bad- I am driving so often that I write lists using a pencil and notepaper on my steering wheel at stop lights. I've yet to honk at anyone. ;) I try to keep my note nearby and add to it as I think of things. This especially helps me when I shop to buy those odd things that I can only remember when I actually need to use them.

Holly said...

oh no, I do lots of things to avoid doing what I need to do. Like housework. I play on the computer instead!

Anonymous said...

I have 'survived' by 'living' with lists as they direct me to what is going on each day.

I know--where is my brain? but it tells me --stupid, look at your list--and I am off and running and getting things done.

On side of refrig is dry erase board with calendar and it has 'some things on it' and then an extra paper with the specifics.

Bottom line--calendar tells me what day it is--sports game--and list tells me what to start.! ! !


MommyToTwoBoys said...

You are not alone! I am obsessive compulsive about lists. And they are all on bright post it notes so my desk is literally covered in post its. I mean, you literally can't see the desk. I make post it lists to reorganize post it lists, then put important items on red post its, etc. And if I thought about it, I could get 3 or 4 things from the lists done in the time it takes to write and reorganize the post its.

Linda said...

I'm a list maker and list loser! Now when I'm at work and think of something I need to do at home, I send myself an email (or nine!) from work to my home email. Yea.

Jocelyn said...

omg you are so hilarious. Not a uselesspost, it made me laugh!

Sometimes I wear my slippers to the store becasue I wear them in the house and forget to change them
The handy dandy sweatband I am sure looks stunning!

Nancy said...

Sounds like the story of my life! I sent the electric bill to the water and vica versa!

Jodi said...

First thing on the list - throw away the damn list. :)

ItsOnlyAnna said...

Haha I don't think I've ever commented on your blog before, but it always brightens my day!

AND, I always make lists and lose them. Or worse, I go to make a list and can't remember what I wanted to list. Then I get irritated when my middle-aged folks say they're 'getting old' and forgetting things...I blame genetics.

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