Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The lists are working

I hate to admit it, but the damn lists are working. Two days in a row, I have gotten up early before work so I can run errands, and I have gotten a lot done. Today was particularly tricky--I had an 8:30 appointment to have the chip in my windshield repaired, and while they were working on it, I walked to the DMV to get my truck license plate sticker, and back again. Then I had time to clean out my purse--all three things that were on my list of things to do and it was not even 9 am!

That is pretty impressive. At lunch, I got my hair and eyebrows did, found out my regular wormer has been discontinued and managed to find a replacement and get it ordered. After lunch, I got my project at work done. I was supposed to have an activity with Jenna after work, but it started raining so we delayed til tomorrow. I just fed and watered and nothing else--it was SWELL.

I was home in the big chair by 6:30, and I have not gotten up since. I have placed horse for sale ads, updated most of the fillies page on my website, posted some pics of Sly on our new FB fan page, and made a list of which horses still need to be photographed for updates. I flipped the laundry, talked to peeg, got Simba to take her meds without a fight, and gave thought to throwing away some junk in the kitchen. I don't want to push my luck though

I do not know who I think I am. Other than a person with a cramp in her ass from sitting here all night.

This cannot last though, I know it. Barry has to come home from St L to help me breed Lassie again tomorrow nite, since she takes a team to get the job done, and refuses to ovulate like a good girl, so I suspect tomorrow nite will be shot. I hope I can get in another set of 4 or 5 horses so we can take pics of them, and get them dewormed as I have been doing all along, but if it does not happen over the lunch hour, that won't happen. I keep calling him to tell him I don't want any lip about helping me do the pics, as I am working so hard to get it all up to date after all the time----and I hope he is taking me seriously.

Depending on how the murder trial is progressing in the morning, I might not be able to go to the farm at lunch anyway, as I will not be able to get dirty. It would not be cool to sit in court with sweat running off me, and dirt on my clothes, and hay in my hair, while I wonder who dresses some of these people that come to court. Today, I swear, some of these people must have thought they were going clubbing--I mean really--a gold sequin bra for a shirt in a court room? And another girl with purple satin capris--looked like a flamenco dancer threw up on her. Are you kidding me?

There was some big excitement too, with the judge locking down the courtroom so to speak, which is great for my interns to see, even if it is a little scary.

Well crap--all this thinking is making me tired again. I better quit while I am ahead


Anonymous said...

Monday---"The lists are killing me"

Wednesday (read on thursday) "bragging about lists" and their accomplishments.

Ah---these are the days of lists for all of us.

Satin capri's---gold sequin bra
Oh My----in a courtroom-----

Laugh, keep cool ----hoping the northern gal would bring COOL WEATHER when she comes down tomorrow. Not a chance but
enjoy Carol

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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