Friday, July 30, 2010

Operation Knock 'er up

Operation Knock up Lassie has finally hit the stopping point. I just had her ultrasounded because this foolishness has gone on long enough. She ovulated this morning, so we can stop this nonsense.

Sly will be relieved, she is wearing him out.

Since I had to have the vet out to deal with that, I had to take the afternoon off. I meant to take a nap before happy hour with Jenna but that has not happened and she will be calling soon.

See here, Lassie's baby boy, taking a turn around the parking area while his mother was ultrasounded---and the peanut gallery is supervising it all.

Since the busy body animals were standing around watching the Lassie show, I was able to fill the barn with horses in preparation for even more photo sessions this weekend. I think I have 12 in the barn right now. I started the deworming process that I have been doing along with this photo stuff. So far, I have done 14 of the horses, so if we can get these all done this weekend, that will be 26. Maybe things will go so well that I can bring in another shift, and maybe get this job done.

My method of horse collecting to fill the barn is about as wrong as it can get. I lock the front gates, then open the pasture gates and get out of the way. Sometimes, I swear to you, they stand right there and ignore me. Some days, like today, all hell breaks loose and I end up with horses all over the place. Before I could get the gate shut, I had about 15 of them running around all over the place. This is not a good way of doing things, and I would NEVER do it with someone else's horses--just mine. If I kill them, or they kill me--I have no one to blame but myself and I will be the one who has to fix them if they tear themselves up. So do not do this at home. It is just dumb. That I am lazy is no excuse for other people to do stupid things. I got lucky though that 12 of the 15 were horses that I still need to photograph and deworm---so I only had to throw three of them back in the pasture.

It would be great to get all these pics done, ads up, the website completely updated---Who am I kidding? Some of these horses have only baby pics on the website, and they may be 3 years old already. I'm proud of me for trying so hard though--even if it has taken me forever to get this far.

Barry is coming home tonight, and Lorna and Bree are coming over on Sunday I think. It is going to be a busy weekend getting all this done, but I am actually looking forward to it. I may be crippled by Monday after bathing and grooming all weekend, but that serves me right.


Amy said...

Have fun at Happy Hour!! And hope you get all the pics done this weekend :)

Holly said...

I am certainly glad you got that mare bred. That was stringing out far too long.

you deserve the happy hour, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

The gathering of the 'gang or clan' is coming to an end this weekend. Yay!!!!

Four people to deal with the 'gang' should do it. Have fun. I have at this end of town.

Enjoy Carol

Lorna said...

Yes, Bree and I will be there tomorrow - hoping around 11ish - I will call you when we are on our way at a 'safe' time as to not wake you - early. Bree is looking forward to helping with pics, playing with the babies and riding whatever/how ever many she can!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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