Saturday, July 10, 2010

From cute to not so cute

Here is another one of my farm inhabitants--Jabba the Hog. This fat bastard and the rest of his ilk are destroying my property. He is so fat, when he runs, I am surprised the world does not shake like an earthquake. I cannot believe he can run at all, as fat at he is--he feeds himself stolen Strategy and various other special treats.

He is not even scared of me. Sometimes, I think he is giving me the finger. When I see him, I call him names and yell at him and he just stares at me and waits for me to quit yelling. He mostly lives in the back barn, and I see him several times a week. I have no idea how many there are really. I probably do not want to know. There is no trapping them either--they are too smart and too strong. They can tear apart a cage if you happen to get them in the trap.

The worst thing about this story is that this so-ugly-he-is-kind-of-cute groundhog is alive and well, while my fox baby is not. He passed about 7:15 Friday morning. Awww...sad little foxy. I am really wondering about what is going on at the farm with the foxes--remember a few months ago when I thought there was a dead goat in the back barn on a round bale? Barry thought it was a bobcat, but it turned out to be a grey fox--maybe it was short stuff's daddy. WTF is going on around here?


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Yep, groundhogs are a PITA. So are prairie dogs and all those burrowing varmints. I always worry about the horses stepping in their holes.

Too bad about the foxes. That makes me sad.

Reddunappy said...

I would be out there with the 22!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aw--sorry about baby fox----and even sorrier about this greedy, evil ground hog that he still WILL HANG around for more good food.

Enjoy Carol

Qtswede said...

I've had lots of luck with leghold traps for monster sized Chucks. But, yea, I'm with Reddunappy ... 22. Or, Shotgun if ya don't want to use a trap :D

Qtswede said...

I've had lotsa luck with leghold traps for those monster Chucks. But, yea, I'm with Reddunappy. .22 or a shotgun if you can't/don't want to use traps. :D

Shelley said...

I have two dogs that will decimate that ground hog family. They do an awesome job here.

EmmaP said...

Dang that Groundhog! Those teeth make him look like he's muttering "Eff Off!" lol!

hooves said...

Have you considered putting the food in an old freezer to keep him from eating it? hooves

Paige said...

MOst of it is, I think I have four deep freezes. But sometimes, some spills, or there is left over from the gravity wagon and someone does not put it up.

Mostly groundhogs are just fat SOBs

Jocelyn said...

Oh Em GEE I would be out there with a rifle faster than you can shake a stick.

That rat bastard would be kilt done dead!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

So glad that you get it....I love basketball too...not quite as much...I pretty much like the BIG GAMES of all sports....Glad you stopped by

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