Wednesday, July 14, 2010

amalgamation o crap

pretty good I can spell that word huh?

I have 14 things to tell, or so, but am tired. If I don't list it, I will lose it

Dr M was here today to geld BamBam and Tarzan. He did it for BamBam but Tarzan was not dropped yet so no go. That is just embarrassing. Poor Tarzan

Big News: Riot has a little vision on the right and perhaps a hair on the left. GO RIOT~ it won't last but buys her time to adjust. That does my heart good.

I finally gave up and bought the auto pool vacuum and probably this is what will cause me to jump off the roof. That is all I have to say about this. Until tomorrow, that is

Big story of the day is that the first Canadian Slybaby--Molson--has been stolen.

Stolen, you say? I hope you say that--cuz that is big news in my world. The saga of Molson is a long and absurd one. Molson is the first baby Sly sired via shipped semen and it was not easy, due to a hold up at customs, and the Canadian concept that they are due two grand for the work US vets due for a couple of hundred. In any event, his super nice mother (by Docs Adonis) foaled him and he was everything any of us wanted.

When I drove all the way to Alberta to see him (5, 000 miles round trip), I was thrilled to see that Sly had done the same good work he always does.

A few years passed, and Carrie, his owner, needed to sell him. She did that, and from minute one, we both knew there was something hinky with the deal. Over the next period of time, we heard he had been lamed in training, or had not gone to training, any number of pieces of garbage info, including other crap that caused everyone involved in the sale to get a headache, such as how to implement the agreed upon reserved breedings (which ultimately happened, but not without difficulty)

My FAVORITE part though was the use of my photos for her advertising. I know that does not sound like a big deal, but for a photog growing into the business, it is a very big deal. Especially since she used photos I would NEVER have put in public, for any number of reasons, mostly that they sucked. The new owner was asked to take them off the internet as they were unauthorized, and she laughed. You can imagine how well the laughing goes over with this bitch, can't you?
We emailed back and forth for a bit, and in general, she showed her ass and the top of my head blew off. I do not comprehend people who do not how to act. I so would have given her authority to use them, had she not acted like a stupid bitch and taken a tone--I had taken some great shots that I would have loved her to use, but she wreaked all kinds of havoc and acted like trash. I blogged about her stupid ass when it happened, her name is Rosemarie Ortman, formerly of Alberta, Canada

So here I am on a Wednesday, getting emails from all over Canada (the same way I learned she had stolen my photos and laughed when challenged on it) about how Molson is missing. My first thought was that my heart was in my throat---and then I remembered who I was dealing with. She has had Molson for sale for $5K--- a young stud who is not even started, who is a grandson of nice horses--that ain't gonna happen. It makes you wonder if maybe she has found another way to get paid.....I would not think it of anyone else, despite the fraud alarm going off in my head, but for the loads of bullshit this woman has spewed since I first got involved with her.

I hold my breath right now for word that Molson is found, but I have to admit, I am not convinced he is missing. What I am convinced about is that Rosemarie does not deserve him, is dirty and unethical, and I wait for someone to ask me to prove it. M

Bring it on!

And if you think I am not worried enough about this horse, it is because I do not believe he is missing, or if he is, that it is a bad thing. I have two reasons--I am not convinced being in her hands is good for him (based on info I dont have the energy to post) and more significantly, I do not believe he is stolen. Until someone with more integrity tells me they have reason to believe it, I do not believe it. I smell fraud--on the Edmonton Sun for reporting it, the "missing" poster that supposedly was created in minutes, but is way more well done than than Molson's stud ad with stolen photos--and all the reaction the public provides. I hate it that, and any number of other Canadian outlets are dragged into this, with no way to know they are being played. That invalidates the true stories of misfortune

I will take it back publicly if I am wrong, but I do not believe for a second that Rosemarie Ortman is innocent in this mess. I do not believe this horse, or the other 8 that supposedly went with him, are truly missing, and if they are, I do not believe it is because someone stole them.


Anonymous said...

OK---this Horse Student agrees with everything you said- - - -

? ? ? ?

Amalgamation o crap or in my case

Crap o la! ! ! but what do I know I am just a 800. . . . .
But enjoy-----Carol

Paige said...

And of course---the horses are found.

Not far from where they were supposedly taken. Uh huh. Cuz that is what horse thieves do--steal horses and drop them at the neighbors.

Yeah right

Holly said...

oh jeeze......good thing I read the comments.

now, what will happen to him?

Carrie said...

Well apparently Molson has suffered a puncture wound and is being treated by a vet. No indication on how serious it is.

He is still listed for sale on a bunch of websites for different prices. Have no idea how she figured his price as I have been researching after seeing that and there is nothing priced that high out there unless it is top of the line breeding and broke.

I really don't thing that because he is "super super super" friendly that she will get that price.

I have his maternal sister for sale - bred to Gunner - for less than half his asking price and have not gotten a call. She at least has had a rider - a few of them...I have pictures to prove it too. LOL

But that is just my opinion.

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