Friday, July 9, 2010

There is a WHAT in my car?

That is what Linda said when I called her at almost midnight--which I never do, cuz it is just wrong---but I did not know what else to do. I had this sweet baby gray fox in my car.
Yeah, I realize these pics show baby fox in the bed. But he is not still there--he was just there for photos cuz he is so pretty. Linda emailed me earlier this evening to tell me that the Alfalfa fairies who were unloading in the back barn last nite, noticed I had two gray fox babies hanging out there. That did not surprise me much, except gray foxes are not that common---red foxes are my standard back barn occupants. It did not occur to me that I would get to meet these babies so soon--when I got to the farm around 11 and started feeding, I saw this little sumpin moseying around. He was moving in a not fox like manner--meaning slowly. And stood still and looked at me for long enough that I felt bad and went to see if something was wrong. His little ear was hanging (and still is), and he was not sturdy on his feet---so I snatched him up and put him in the car.

I have no idea why that was a good idea. Linda told me to find a cat carrier and get a grip on myself.

I did all that and now I have a fox baby in the big tub in the master bath. He has his cat carrier, a blanket and a towel, cat food and water, and I hope he is okay, but I do not think he is a healthy little thing. For that matter, I do not even know if he is a boy fox. I did just check his little floppy ear and it is a hematoma that is making it droop--but I am afraid to mess with it considering how out of sorts he is. I am sure I could drain it, but then again--foxy baby must be ill or he would not allow me to handle him so easy. He has scraped me on accident, but never tried to hurt me and kind of cuddles me when I have to move him.

What a world I live in. I had just left some old friends who never let me forget that once when they were in my car, a frozen sausage breakfast rolled out from under the seat (no longer frozen of course, and quite stinky) and a jar of pickles almost knocked them unconscious. I bet they thought there was no topping that.

Shows what they know huh?


Anonymous said...

Oh Baby Foxy is soooo cute----

and YES you do live in an "interesting" world----and the rest of us enjoy every bit of "tails" you tell.

Take care of all those guys and gals and hope cool weather comes along for a couple of days
Enjoy Carol

Linda said...

Might want to check into a wild life rescue. Maybe they can take care of him, get him healthy & back into the wild.

Holly said...

do you think he got hit by a car?

be careful, you don't want to bring home a case of distemper to the dogs.

RunDrums said...

rabies!!!! PLEASE becareful. is it still alive??? Ummmm Paige even with getting a little scratched you can STILL get RABIES.
My Father knows first hand, and those shots hurt like hell.
don't want to scare you, BUT.

The Wife said...

I can't say anything, I would have done the same thing. Hope he is okay.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

He's awfully cute. I would have done the same thing...

But the 'rabies' thought did cross my mind...and fleas.

Did you have a vet check him out?

Maybe all he needs is some antibiotics, a little care and you can set him free again.

EmmaP said...

oh my word! your life is just one adventure after the other, eh? sure is pretty though.

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