Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time out

Its coming. It is almost 2:30 am on Thursday morning---in 53 hours I will be on the plane on the way to vacation, and then all those time changes get all jacked up and even though I have charts and shit, I only know I will be there by 12:30 some damn time on Saturday afternoon

and since it is me--things are going wrong. In six hours, the vet will be here to tell me why Riot is having vision issues. And final checks for heart beats on Aries, a fun check to make sure we are not tools on HG, maybe a 90 day check on Diablo if she offers, an embryo check on Squeak along with a progesterone check......

Of course, I am scared witless on Riot. I do not want to talk about that.

Barry has been working 80-100 hours per week and is getting squirrelier by the minute from exhaustion. He might really sleep this whole vacation away. I am not kidding about that because the one thing I know about the house we rented is that it has hammocks on the porch, and he is a hoo-er for a hammock. Simba, my old lady Dane, is having hip issues flare, which is no wonder--and I hate to put the burden of observing her on Rita--but what am I supposed to do? Someone has to love her enough to pay attention, and handle it if it gets ugly, and I know she will--I just feel awful that I need her to

Dad is having surgery on Monday--more heart surgery.

So off I go to a third world country. You would think I would be thrilled. I am , I totally am, especially since I am so psyched to handle this new underwater camera BS got me, I could pee. But I have a hard time letting go-- I worry about what happens while I am gone for the first 24 hours. The last 24 are the worst because I dread finding what went wrong while I was gone.

But damn it--I need it. I love my life--cannot imagine what I would do without it. I love my animals, my job, my air conditioner, my big TV....our whole world. But even I need a break from taking care of animals, murderers, perverts and other people that make me think really hard and count on me. Even though I do not talk about it on here, it is a huge amount of pressure, and to take a week off from lets hope I can really put work out of my mind.

Pray the ponies are okay, my dogs are okay, my peeg and his kitty are okay----and that I can chill out enough to get out of this vacation that I am supposed to.

I feel like I am humming some sort of mind numbing bizness------hey, whatever works.

Maybe I should get some Xanax to get through this


Anonymous said...

Through thick and thin----of life



We will enjoy! Carol

Holly said...

well let us look at this.

1. Dad.....he has had many surgery/procedures and often The Powers That Be decide at the last moment to postpone or cancel them. It would be a shame to miss a vaca for a surgery that did not happen.

2. Riot, if you go or if you stay the results are just going to be what they are. Stay will not fix or change it.

3. Simba, if her hips are going bad, she can be on strong meds till you get bad and can take care of it. Your vets all know you and will prescribe what you need. Besides hips do not get so bad over night that they are an emergency unless she gets hit by a car or run over by a horse. She will wait for you to get home. Generally it's a gradual decline.

4. work....pffttt! It will still be there when you get back and the murderers and rapists will still be waiting on *something*. Most of your clients are not newly in jail so a week or two probably won't make a difference.

*dusts hands off*

there. done. Now go have a fabulous vaca, come back refreshed and renewed and use that flippin' camera a LOT. Make the price tag on that so worth it!

Amy said...

Can't wait to see you in Roatan in +/- 48 hours
Have a safe trip! No need for Xanax - cold beer and good a/c will do the trick :)

LambAround said...

Goodness! It sounds like you really do need a vacation! Good luck with all the chaos currently in your life, especially good luck to your dad! Simba and Riot too :)

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