Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alex is a B%&$#

Sure enough, I am NOT where I am supposed to be. I was SUPPOSED to be laying in a hammock at the beach house we rented in the Bay Islands, in Honduras.

But there is a tropical storm in the region--it just got named Alex-- so when we got to Atlanta for our connecting flight today, they cancelled it. Then they told us that the next flight was next Saturday. We were advised to call this Delta number to see what they could do.

I got a horrid woman who told me she was not that concerned about my problems, and I could wait til next Saturday to go.


It was unpleasant. She said they may add a flight tomorrow if the weather clears, but she cannot know when or if they will, and really was not concerned. I was free to buy a ticket on Continental and get myself to Houston for a Sunday flight, but it was not her problem

You can imagine what this did for my personality. There was much boo hooing in the airport terminal by other passengers. A man across from us managed to do better, and his Delta rep put him on a plane to Houston and an early morning flight to Roatan on Continental, and did not charge him a thing. He told me what happened, so I called back. Then I was hung up on.

I sent BS to stand in line with the other people at the desk, because the rumor was that new flights were being added for Sunday, and I called the Delta line a third time. This time I got a non-English speaker who was very nice but could not understand that Houston was not my goal destination.

It was outrageous. My cell phone would not let me call the resort, until I set up some special calling add on, but you know how long that takes when you have to wade through the computer list of things on the line. Exhausting.

Plus, we could not get in touch with Amy, who was flying through Houston, from LA. Usually we meet in the connecting airport, but this time it did not work out that way. We assumed she would be stuck too, but Houston is a good place for her since her boyfriend lives there.

After much drama, we were told two new flights would be added for Sunday and we would be on one--check back later to find out which one. We got a hotel with a pool and a nice shuttle man brought us here. We tried to check in, only to be told we had to wait three hours.

Of course we did. They did let us use the pool though, and thank goodness for our foresight to always pack a swimmer in our carry-ons, so we each had a suit. We spent the next three hours reading in the pool, getting sunburned, and amazingly staying awake, considering we had been up since 4 am after only about three hours of sleep.

While we were out there, Amy checked in just as my phone battery died to say she was in Houston, and there was no problem with her flight--she was even trying to change it til tomorrow. I urged her to go ahead and get settled --and she did. Her flight was never even delayed! Odd....we were going the same place!

We checked in our hotel room to take naps---and the A/C was not a good worker. We asked for maintenance, who sent us Bubba Gump, or Gumpette, as the case may be--we are still not sure on that one. Finally, they changed our room, despite the hotel being full of what the Gump-it called a family reunion "in da house" as well as a Klan meeting "in da house". I sure hope they keep those two groups away from each other--but I have to admit, I have yet to see anyone that would qualify for the Klan meeting. That is probably a good thing.

Meanwhile, all hell broke loose at home and my phone went to blowing up. Mom went to doctor Riot and she was missing from her stall---a blind escapee! Great. She found her, we figured out what had happened, and they tried to deliver a new water trough to the back pasture for backup. Of course, mom could not get the Gator started, so they drove Dad's truck--which is a little bitty thing not made for driving in tractor ruts. You guessed it--he beached it---wheels in the air, hinged on its belly. That required a tow truck

About that time, Rita and Ed showed up to do their evening treatment of Riot--and joined the circus.

I just got an email from Amy saying that she was settled in the beach house, the A/C worked good (bragging I guess) and she was cooling some beer for our arrival--and did we have any idea when that might be? She did not even mention weather, and has not responded to my questions about it--I suspect she just hopped on the office computer since I know she did not take her laptop--but that makes me think things are just fine in Roatan.

Mother of God, do I need to get out of this country---hurricane be damned. I might not even notice the world actually blowing apart weather-wise, because there is always so much turmoil in my world anyway.

Oh well--whatcha gonna do? BS is watching a Jackie Chan movie, we are waiting on pizza and supposedly will be out of her by 9:45 a.m. tomorrow. Cross your fingers we get SOMEWHERE


Holly said...

*head on desk, tears streaming down my face*

only you, only you woman.

This could not happen to ANYONE ELSE!

Anonymous said...



Ole lady here says" bad beginning ---good ending----"

Take care Carol

Shelley said...

Maybe all this drama and difficulty in getting to your destination means you'll have THE most awesome vacation. At least you have cold beer waiting for ya.

Jocelyn said...

i hope you have a fab time once you get there!

I live through you on your sunny vacations!

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