Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So turns out that wasp sting was a bigger deal than was necessary. By Monday morning, my hand was swelled p so much that I could not use it. There happened to be an EMT at my office who told me I needed to go to the ER straight away, as I was having a major reaction, and with my circlation problems and pending vacation, that was not okay.

Well that is ridiculous. I go to the ER when a bone is broken. Usually, not even then.

I compromised and called the doc. Mine is still out of the country, but his partner called in a steroid pack and some abx for me and told me to stay on the benadryl. Fine.

At the lunch table with Rita, my sister and Gabi though, we noticed my hand had turned blue.

Blue, I say. That is not a good color if you are not a smurf. Since it is my right arm, it is scarred anyway so to see a change like that is pretty dramatic. Rita could not stand to look at me so she haled me off to Care First and turned me in.

Some funny things happened in there, but the main one was I got the steroid shot I needed, and then picked up my scrips and Rita took me home and put me to bed. Those steroid shots kick my ass. I did not even stop to get my car--she brought it to me later. She is a good person, she takes care of me. I slept til last nite, and got up find a good part of the swelling was gone. No more blue hand! It was hard to tell but the red streaks seemed to be receding too, but that might have been wishful thinking. Last nite, all I did was feed and water and the only other thing that went wrong is that while I was doing it, Slater started unpacking my suitcase that already has my dive stuff and snacks in it. Typical.

I got up this morning and the swelling was 80% gone. Very little itching too--even my ring would twist around and I had been afraid it would have to be cut off which would have really pissed me off.

Off I went to work, where I am sure someone had puked near my office. It reeked, but no one would own up to it. I worked a long hard day, using my lunch hour at dinner time to come home and try to clean the pool. Good Lord was it hot in there, it is unbearable.

And guess what happened while I was here?

I got stung by a wasp.


Holly said...

now THIS is a serious Paigeaster.

Get thee some wasp spray and use the damn stuff!

Cara said...

NO WAY Paige! That is awful.

Anonymous said...

Again! What is going on????? Some say---"they" are attracted to fragrances, hair spray, etc. Are you guilty?

This is not a Paigeaster that is susposed to be funny.


Linda said...

Careful with those. You can have an even more severe reaction the more often you are stung. Like as in you can't breathe. Ask me how I know this;-) Be very careful!

The Wife said...

I think the wasps are out to get you!

Amanda said...

you are a pa-zaster. is this some sort of Karma?


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