Thursday, June 17, 2010

Squeak's Surprise

Squeak had a great surprise for us today! Our ultrasounds got moved up from Friday until today, and we got the shock we have been hoping for. She is pregnant! Fifteen days along, and the look on the doc's face when he inserted the ultrasound wand was priceless. She was the second one we ultrasounded, and frankly we did not have any expectation that she was in foal. In my brain, I had made a prediction that HG would be in foal, but Squeak would not.

I got it completely backwards. And that is cool with me. I think Squeak is a prime example of what should be bred--all the regular things are there, like conformation and pedigree, but she also has that elusive intangible thing that is so hard for a broodmare to keep as she ages. She is just nice. She does not fight with others, she is easy to handle, trusts me 100% to take care of her so that even her blindness does not cause her any issues now that she has adjusted--and she has a lot of heart. I just love her. That is what I want to reproduce. I think she will be a good cross with Snorty

Also Squeak is much older than HG, so her breeding years are limited, and HG is young. She has many years ahead of her---and to be tacky, the chute fee to re-breed her next year are less than half the price on Squeak's. So it all worked out for the best. We will draw blood for her progesterone check next week, and hope she will not need to stay on Regumate--its such a pain in the butt. Thank goodness for it though, as the only change this time was three days of oxytocin post-breeding, and Regumate starting at day 5

We also did a heaert beat check on Gypsy and all is well there too.

Yay for all that--this breeding season has dragged out long enough for me.


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Good to hear about Squeak being in foal. She sounds like a great little mare and should produce a winner with that stud! He's a beauty.

Holly said...

That does my heart good. Not only is Squeak all the things you say, but she has a grace about her that is hard to put your finger on and she imparts all of that to her foals. She's a gorgeous mare on a lot of levels.

Anonymous said...

Will the baby be a squeaky snort or a snorty squeak?

Anonymous said...

Thought I left a comment ? ? ? ? ?

Must be the weather----who else would interfere in our lives?

Keep cool and enjoy Carol

Jodi said...


EmmaP said...

yay for the pregnancy!!! I giggled when you said "nice". It's true though... some animals are just "nice". ;)

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