Sunday, June 20, 2010

Too hot to do anything

It is viciously hot here lately. So hot, that the Bacon is afraid to venture out of his fort for fear he will fry right up. Fortunately, a tree landed on our roof and made him another fort out of its branches, so he could rest close to the house. That way he would not miss it if anything happened. It does not do much for the landscaping--but he is happy so who cares.

The dogs of course are sure they might die. So they do nothing. That is not all that different from when it is not hot, but they at least laid in the floor instead of on the furniture. Slater loves his sister Simba--but I do not think she cares one way or the other. I love this picture though.

It has been a busy busy busy few days. Not only did the tree fall on the porch roof, I finally got the yard mowed at the house--and had just a couple sweeps left to make when I sheared off a piece of the mower deck. So I guess the farm will not get mowed any time soon. BS and I actually high-fived when he determined I had broken the mower for real, because it was one less thing we had to do this weekend. It is embarrassing how awful the farm looks though--I might have to have dad come take care of it so the neighbors do not revolt.

I also got the pasture here at the house bushhogged--it looked like a jungle. It still is not pretty but it looks way better than it did. There sure are a lot of trees down though from the recent storms. Its a wonder I did not break the bushhog too, but as far as I know, I did not.

All this work I did guilted BS into weedeating. He says he does it once a year whether it needs it or not, but this year he has done it twice. All the fence row did not get done, and the back yard did not, but I am grateful for what it did. It was dangerously hot out there, so I am glad he got that done, and cut up some trees that have needed to be done. If I do not die from this wasp sting I have on my hand, I am going to round up while the weeds are down and try to finally get a jump on them. Yeah right.

About this wasp sting. What the hell is the deal with this? I got bit about 1:00 Saturday while I was trying to clean the pool--which is a whole other deal as the pump keeps quitting on me, and all kinds of weird things were happening. It stung really bad, and it kept getting worse and worse and worse--I am not kidding about how bad this thing hurt. By last nite, it had swollen up so big I could not hold a fork. I have iced it, put baking soda on it, eaten benadryl by the handful--you name it, I have done it. It is ridiculous. My hand is at least twice the size of the other one, my ring is choking my finger and no way can I get it off--there are red streaks starting on my hand and wrist. Its disgusting. It better end soon, because all the benadryl knocked me out for a five hour nap today--I do not have time for that.

A whole lot of other things have happened that are kind of interesting, but my benadryl has kicked in, so I guess it will have to wait until I am not so addled.


Anonymous said...

Aren't you glad Summmer is finally here today????? Maybe we will get some nice, warm, pleasant weather!

Yeah right! Mother Nature is mad as h----at everybody--but the poor dogs, cats, billy goats, etal should not be part of this anger. Maybe she participate in Anger Management programs.

And many of our 4-legged friends have fur coats on--not fair----

Wasp stings---now red marks----maybe a VISIT TO A DOCTOR-----is now in order. My contribution and advice was TIME---perhaps along with your other medications none of them are working.

Have a good week and enjoy

Jodi said...

I can totally related to the baconator. It is just too darn hot to do anything but sit my fat ass in the shade.

Nancy said...

Paige, a Doctor visit is in order - red streaks are blood poisoning - if they are headed up your arm you have blood poisoning! Please see a doctor!

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