Sunday, June 6, 2010

A pretty good run

This has been a crazy few days, since I left for Chicago to go to a juvenile justice thing. I had dinner with Jenny on Thursday nite, and met a pack of girls on Friday nite for dinner and drinks and the watching of the Blackhawks game (about which I do not care, but they did so there you go) and I stayed the nite at Lorna's.

Saturday I drove fast fast fast to get to Carlinville for Barry's class reunion, that was supposed to start that nite, but a pre-party had kicked off at 11 am or so. I missed that part obviously. Last nite was a lot of fun, seeing all of his old friends, and hanging out with some of the wives.

We got home today, and have mostly been sleeping it off ever since. In fact, I am not done with that. I have not done a single useful thing ALL DAY. It has been swell.

I am even excited about going to work tomorrow, but I will save all those developments for when I have time to deal with it all. I am still too tired to even think about organizing all these thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Well---we gotta add "hockey" to your list of "functions"----and for your info--game you saw or as you guys say---SUCKED---but last night oohhhhh----Lorna will be HAPPY----

Meanwhile back at the ranch---hope all the "kids" were fine and that you have a couple of pics-----

and enjoy carol

Anonymous said...


As good as a Horse Race and now with this news---you can get on with your "life"

Enjoy Carol

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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