Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Hijinks Continue

Ugh, what a day. Nothing went right today. Nothing went horribly wrong, but it did not go smoothly either. I think I am still just pissed off about yesterday's vet results.

First I convinced Barry that it was his husbandly duty to pick up the Snorty semen at the airport and meet me part way with it. I am about 110 miles from the airport. He works next door to it. I have a project at work I have been struggling with and it finally started coming together yesterday, and I wanted my roll to continue, so I did not want to be out of the office much. That was a good thing. After that, things got a little weird.

Not only was he 30 minutes late picking up the semen, which made me crazy because I had long since left work to meet him--but the airline staff must have been on Quaaludes or something, because it took an hour for the box to get out of the plane and into the office. Normally it takes about fifteen minutes. That required me to call the vet and put him on hold for meeting me--I always feel bad doing that because he is so dang busy, and if I hate jacking up a schedule, he must.

What's a girl to do while she waits? Go to Macy's. Nothing good comes of that.

Finally, I find Barry, haul back here and wait for the vet. That led to down time, so I mowed the front pasture. I worried the whole time I was going to run out of gas, and then I would have to hear from Barry about it. Looks pretty though huh? No more yellow weed flowers

While I was out there, though, I thought long and hard about how good Foxy looks. She has come a long way from the skinny sickly looking thing she was earlier this year. In fact, she looks SO good that I am gonna start riding her again. I need more steady eddies in my lineup, and there is no reason for her not to be one of them. She and Barry don't get along, but I like riding her, even if her lope feels like she is bucking every step. She's not. For sure you know when she is though!

So we bred Squeak--who thank the good Lord, did not ovulate before we got to her. She had a 60 something follicle getting ready to blow. We are going to oxytocin her, start Regumating at day 5--you name it, we are pulling out all the stops to get this one to stick. I love that mare so much, she is such a class act. My poor mother though will have to do 3 of the 4 oxy shots since I am going to a meeting in Chicago, and all my help is sick. Plus, I would not let just anyone give the shots, and I know mom can do it and I won't have to worry about it getting messed up.

We also xrayed Echo to see what's shaking in her abcessed foot. Hoof testers found no tenderness, but she is not right. We won't know til tomorrow about that. We also xrayed for rotation on Hawk, who had to have been laminitic for a while and never bothered to mention it. He is a tough one though--pray there is no rotation for him.

Tomorrow is Haida Girl's day to be bred--hope she acts right too. I went back to work and got a phone call that the vet bet money I forgot to Regumate her to hold her til the semen arrives--and he was right. Between the two of us, we are like the Alzheimer's wing in a nursing home. I worked a while, caught up on some stuff and went back to do that.

I moved a pile of horses around, trying to prepare for leaving town. One great thing happened-Diablo's progesterone is high enough that she can come off the Regumate. Hallelujah. Not only is it expensive, it is time consuming, labor intensive and requires her tying up a pen where she can live by herself. I am GLAD that is over!

Finally, I got home as it got dark and gave peeg a watermelon. It made him very happy. That makes me very happy. And its funny.

So maybe today did not suck as bad as I thought.


Liza said...

Any day that involves giving a peeg a watermelon has to have some redeeming qualities.

Jocelyn said...

who doesnt love a watermelon eating peeg??

You totally need a wife my dear.

Go buy one already would ya!

Gail said...

All this would be a little too hectic for me.

You are a very strong,organized person.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the Bud Abbott, Lou Costello legend of their baseball game of Who's on first, What' on second and I don't know who is on third!!! Too funny and don't know who won their game--

But hope all your "players" cooperate .

Boce sure is enjoying himself.
Enjoy Carol

Lisa-licious said...

Your life sounds absolutely entrancing!!! I ADORE horses, and Peeg (love the name) is so cute!!!

Thanks for the comment on my blog!

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