Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Follicle Factory Foul-up

Actually, it is not the follicles. It is the failure of the sperm and the egg to make productive acquaintance that is jacking up my day.

Both HG and Squeak came up empty at their preg checks today, damn them. No reason, they just did. We are starting to wonder if HG will not breed with a baby at side. By the way, that baby is looking like he is making progress on the leg straightening. Squeak quite often does not conceive the first round.

This year, she has figured out a way to spend my money fast--by requiring her semen to get here RIGHT NOW. So it is being flown in, as Fed Ex is too slow for this round--she has a 50mm follicle. Oy vey. HG has a 40 on one side, and a 38 on the other, so her semen will arrive via conventional methods(ha, is any of this conventional?) Thursday morning. I have not broken it to the vet that he will have to come back up here since I have to go to Chicago.

Also, Hawk and Echo are being xrayed tomorrow--Echos abcess may be something more, or the worlds most stubborn abcess. Either way, tomorrow we will eyeball it. Hawk has clearly had a pre-laminitic episode, and lets hope that is it--we never saw him being off at all, but his hooves suggest it. We will look for rotation via xray tomorrow.

Other than the vet visit sucking hard, I had a sensible day at work. My new brainy intern is totally on the ball, even if she does not know it, and I made sense of some other piece of work that up to this point has done nothing but blur my vision. After work, I bushhogged the middle pasture, which always makes me happy, moved hay and mowed the yard here at my house. Not until that last one did I hurt myself--wild rose bush to the face.

I do not recommend that.


Anonymous said...

Bless your heart.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Aww, that's not all good news, is it? Hope it gets better for you real soon.

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