Monday, June 7, 2010

Mixed results at the vet

Hot damn, we finally got a breeding break! Gypsy checked in foal to Playboy Boonsmal this morning--yay Gypsy. She is 18 days in foal. She was a very good girl, and even left her little Tazmanian Devil at home for her few hours away at the vet.

We have had a rough breeding year this year, so this was some very welcome news.

In other vet doings, I got to eyeball all of the xrays from last week. I had already talked to the vet about what he saw, but it is always good to see them myself. Echo has nothing serious going on in there--thank goodness! I could easily see where the abcess (a monster one at that) is growing out. He gave me a mixture of stuff to put on her feet a couple of times a week that will kill off any further issues there, and I put it on tonight--boy howdy, was she wishing I had not done that. She was a good girl about being caught in the hay field, stood like a lady and was very patient...but when she walked off, it obviously hurt. Poor kid--the stuff must sting. I can tell that being outside in the hay field with her friends is already helping her--she looks more comfy and is gaining some weight. Probably it is just the muscle atrophy stopping, but whatever--she has stripes coming off her dorsal stripe, down her ribs, so unless she is super fat, she looks like you can see her ribs. I was happy to lay hands on her and see that is not really the case.

The bad news at the vet was Hawk's xrays. Last week, the doc said he was shocked at how little rotation there was considering how crazy dished his feet were. Today we measured the rotation, and found it to be close to 5 degrees. I cannot believe the silly boy was walking around normal and had all along. Fortunately, he has a lot of sole under his coffin bone, so that is a good thing.

The next step on him is to keep bringing his toe back, take a little heel away and feed him this supplement that the doc swears is the only thing that helps grow better hoof. His feet are in rough shape and not just from this episode, so that will be a good thing. Thank goodness that Hawk is such a people pleaser that he is easy to fetch from the pasture to feed separately--that makes a world of difference when you are in a hurry like I always am.

So there we are.....mostly good, a little bad, but even that is workable.

In other news, I am getting fatter by the minute. I have no idea what is going on with me. It is out of control again.


foxtrotter said...

What's the magic supplement? I have an oldy that isn't growing any hoof and it's making him lame again.

Paige said...

I will check tomorrow and get back to you--the jug is at the farm

Anonymous said...

Horse Student says: Whatever you and the vet say: I agree completely! ! ! !

Getting bigger! ! ! Must be the heat---you know how the heat makes us "swell up a little"

but Enjoy Carol

Jocelyn said...

Wow Paige! Good news about Gypsy, but how is wonky's leg?

I need some magic hoof supplement QUICK!

Shelley said...

Add me to the list of people wanting to know about this hoof supplement. You have seen my guys feet. Farriers Formula 2x strength for a year made no difference.

Sorry to hear about your weight woes. I have no words of wisdom. It seems like the weight appears overnight but takes a lifetime to get rid of.

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