Friday, June 11, 2010

Freedom for Wonkers

Really, what is all this about?
It has been three weeks since Wonkers' surgery, and today Dr Ellis gave him the go-ahead for some limited turnout. Look how much improved his leg is! I think there is a bit of a deception since the leg is still bald from being shaved, but no doubt there is huge improvement.
His face is shedding off and he looks a little nuts. He outgrew his baby halter--which was a mini-baby halter by the way.
This was about the only action I got out of him when I turned him out, and this only happened because I chased him.
Considering he has been on house arrest since he was born about ten weeks ago--I am amazed at how big he is. He is solid muscle. I cannot wait to see what he will look like with some exercise.
This is what the incision looks like now--almost completely healed. The part on the back is where his accessory bone was rubbed raw because I did a crappy job of cutting an opening in his wrapping. It is almost healed too.
He is kinda cute huh?
I just could not get much action out of him tonight. Maybe tomorrow he will be a little perkier. I really expected some action from Haida Girl, who has not been allowed to run more than once or twice since he was born, but they were only interested in hay. You would think I was starving them, which I am obviously not if the size of their asses is any indication.


Anonymous said...

Wonders never cease----do they????

He looks good--besides being cute!

Glad to see/hear what's happenin at the Junction! ! !

Enjoy Carol

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Awww, he looks great!

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