Monday, June 14, 2010

One bright spot today

One good thing happened today--Aries checked in foal to Dualin Boon! Yay Aries! So that makes four mares confirmed in foal for next year--and each of those took on the first breeding. The other two, Haida Girl and Squeak, are jacking with my average. I check them on Friday, and if they are not in foal, I am probably scrapping them for this year. I think. Who knows really what I will do.

The rest of the day was BERSERK. Barry's alarm started going off at 5:30 in the freaking morning, and he just kept hitting snooze. For an hour or so. That is no way to start the week, it makes me a nervous wreck. I had to get up at 6:30 to take Aries to the vet, I was even early! I did not take her baby with us, as she is not a good little self-loader like the other babies are. Unfortunately, we had another one of our Monday morning miscommunications, and by 8:30, I learned that the vet was an hour away doing a full day of ultrasounds. Ugh. Since it was already 85 degrees and the baby was at home probably wanting to nurse, I had to turn around and come home. Then I met the doc after work, up here at my house. unload

So I get to work start to settle in, and the hay man calls. He needs me to take delivery of hay before the predicted storm came. Of course he did. Not only did I have to go do that, I had to start plotting where to come up with the funds for 30 tons of really good hay. Good thing I had a lot of extra hours to burn before the end of the pay period tomorrow, since I kept having to leave to unload hay. Even the first load, the heat index was over 103 degrees. You can imagine how bad it was after the last trailer load arrived.

I do not handle heat well, so it made me sick. Dizzy, pukey and just generally too damn hot--I do not know if it got all the way to heat exhaustion, but if not, it was right on the verge of it. I would go back to work in between times, and do work stuff and there I would break out in a cold sweat. That is infinitely better than the other sweat I had going on. Even water made me throw up. So not a good day.

I left the last 8 round bales out to put in the barn after work, but before I could get home, the storm arrived. It rained so hard, I thought the car would blow off the road. No moving hay in that mess---the rain was so hard it hurt. Great.

Since I could not do anything else, I came home. I keep my house COLD--like 68 at the warmest. The minute I walked in, I started shivering, so I had to turn it to 72 or so. I got in bed and immediately fell asleep, which was great because it made my headache go away and my stomach stop going berserk. That lasted for a couple of hours, until I sweated so much in my sleep that I woke up. I gave up and went back to the farm to feed and medicate, and as soon as I got outside, I started shivering.

This has been a hard day. I think I will go back to bed and hope tomorrow is better. At least by then, I should have my temperature regulated--I can only take so many cold showers. I kind of hope it storms again to keep me from working outside, and making this worse.


Anonymous said...

Ya win some and ya loose some is the comment for the day.

Winning with Aries!!!

Loosing the rest of the day to the hots and colds! !

Heavens to Betsy! ! !
How's that for a different comment?
You are suspose to be laughing!
Enjoy -NOT THE HEAT- Carol

Amy said...

Hope you are feeling better!

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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