Friday, May 21, 2010

Wonkers update

There really is not one so far, other than that his surgery was postponed this morning due to another emergency that came in. Also, the doc noticed that Wonkers sounded a little raspy when his head was down, so he ran a CBC to make sure he was okay. He is okay, his white cell count is normal, so they are going ahead with the surgery.

The good news is that the xrays show his left leg is only off about five degrees, so they are leaving that alone. They think it will come around on its own. His right leg has corrected itself to only being off by ten to thirteen degrees--so they are able to do the stripping instead of the stapling. That is a much more minor procedure that will not require a follow up visit, I do not think.

That does not leave me anything to do for the rest of the day, so I guess I will go shopping and meet Barry for lunch. Im kind of craving Cheesecake mmm good

Stay tuned for updates


Holly said...

that is good news for you. Have fun shopping.

Gail said...

Great news

Carrie said...

So how did he make out? Everything go okay?

Glad to hear it didn't need to be as intense on the little guy.

Anonymous said...

Now SAturday---and hope they get to Wonkers today.

Of course Barry--shopping--food was good too---I guess! ! !

Enjoy--but going to be hot hot hot

Jocelyn said...

cheescake factory! Oh that place is the DEVIL!

The white Choc raspeberry is my favorite!

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