Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wonkers is doing fine

He is not bothered in the least by his bandage. The surgery went well, they chose to only do one leg, as the other one was less than 5 degrees off and should continue correcting on its own. The right leg was between 10 and 13 degrees off of plumb, so he qualified for the periosteal stripping, instead of the more serious stapling procedure. What the stripping does is encourage the more slow growing side of the leg to pick it up until the leg is completely straight.
He is kind of cute, all wrapped up. He wears this bandage until tomorrow nite. He takes SMZs and only a hair of bute, which I do not think he needs, until tonight. After I change his bandage, the new one will stay on for a week. He is to be hand-walked 15 minutes a day until that bandage comes off, then we re-evaluate to determine what his turnout situation will be. I will also take out the only two outside stitches at that time too.
This is why Wonkers has to be hand-walked. He does not get the concept of restraint. He never has. We moved him to an indoor/outdoor pen today, about 15 x 20, so he is still contained, but can get some fresh air, and I can quit cleaning stalls like a crazy person. It is amazing how big of a mess a nursing mare and baby can make. It is too hot to keep that mess up.

If he keeps acting like a good boy, he can stay in that pen. If he acts up with the silliness, I will squash his pen down to half his size. That will teach his little butt.

Now lets all cross our fingers that he straightens up quickly and can be allowed to go out in the pasture like a real horse should be able to.

Lets also hope he has a little more luck than we have had this weekend. Besides him, everything else has gone a little off the rails. I am working an ear infection and cannot hear a damn thing--and obviously cannot have this last long since our dive trip is in five weeks. The flat bed trailer went berserk and the hitch wont lock down--how does that happen? The bushhog part that is bent is not available locally, so will be a big problem to fix---right when everything needs mowing. The big one is that the big deep freeze quit. I mean it all the way quit. We just threw away hundreds of dollars of food, especially meat. I almost cried. Instead, I yelled, because I cannot hear anything. The pool is coming along, but needs some new parts to make it all the way right. I have been in it anyway, where we have found sloughed snake skins---that is really icky.


Gail said...

It is so wonderful that surgery has advanced enough. Many years ago this colt would have been put down. Beautiful baby.

Just think how boring your life would be if every thing ran smoothly.

Nancy said...

Paige, so happy to hear wonky is doing great! He is a cutie! I completely understand about other things just going to hell in a hand basket....I operate on things not working as expected about 95% of the time.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

He sure is a cutie! I hope the surgery is a success.

Lori said...

OK do tell me you see a correlation between nasty pool and ear infection? Ughhhhh gross.

My entire life (ok since I was about 11 and they had it put in) Dad waits for the girls to be away for a day or more to open the pool, he thinks if we saw what he saw opening it we would never get back in it. And it has a tight trampoline cover on it and is half drained for the winter, you would think it stayed ok?

Paige said...

Good point Lori--that is where I noticed it cloggin up and making my head pound. I have had a few instances of ear pain in the last week though, so I think it was already brewing

I do not remember the last time I had such a thing--but the worst pain I ever had in my life was in London when I was 16 when I inadvertently flew with an ear infection. That ain't happening again, so the doc is on the list for tomorrow. Along with everything else!

hooves said...

I think that possibly the bear scared the freezer into quitting. hooves

Paige said...

It sure might have. I will be sending the bill to your father's estate

Anonymous said...

Never truer words were said to describe "Malfunction Junction"


Followed by the Paigeasters! !
Ears---beers----and whatever helps to make it ---gone gone gone

But Wonkers looks just fine and is a happy guy-----and brings you chuckles---of course with the crap too.

Enjoy---take care

Amy said...

Glad to hear Wonkers is doing well after the surgery - he's such a cutie! Also, hoping your ear infection is cured quickly!!! Get some good drugs to fix it up!!!

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