Thursday, May 20, 2010

Drive by update

This week has been a whirlwind--this may be the first time I have actually sat down to relax all week.

I am at Barry's for the nite---I dropped baby Wonky off at the hospital for his leg surgery in the morning, then came here to spend the nite until it is over. We just had a fancy steak dinner at Soulard's on 7th Street---outstanding. I have not eaten like that in a LONG time--maybe since that nice dinner we had with Amy and the hot Venezuelan dive master in Bonaire last year. That was pretty damn good too.

Other than that, I have pretty much lived on rice krispie treats and Diet Red Bull this week. This morning, I took Aries to the sleep away breeding joint for an ultrasound, hoping she was ready to breed. Do you have any idea how hard it is to load a half-a-baby in the trailer in the rain? It ain't easy. Suffice it to say, she shit on my hand, which is no way to start a day. Anyway, she was not ready to breed, but I left their tails there anyway-- I need a break from daily vet visits for a while. Gypsy has been there since Tuesday, since I had to go to Chicago until late last nite. She was bred this morning to Playboy Boonsmal--cross your fingers it gets the job done. I brought her home.

What that means is that I have hauled every baby I own in the trailer today. Stressful stuff, especially in the rain. Thank God I bought new tires for this trailer is all I can say.

But it is a done deal--at least until next week, when hopefully Aries gets her ovaries together and gets bred to Dualin Boon. I will deal with that later.

So, I have been in Chicago at a meeting yesterday. It was a rush trip, in and out in less than than 20 hours. And because of construction, it took more than six hours to get there and almost that to get back. That is how I came to drink so many red bulls. I do not advise that, as it works to keep you awake, but then bad things happen to your stomach. Take my word for it.

Other than that, what has happened? I have taken back up with the Beast training and thank goodness for it. I had to cancel today as there were just not enough hours in the day--and I hate that. I miss it when I am on a roll.

Today, Dad had another catheterization--of his heart and his brain and everything in between. He is a disaster again--and the docs nixed his cystoscope scheduled for tomorrow, as they say he is not strong enough for the anasthesia (I think that is the issue). He has been trying to get this scope done for a while, to check up on his bladder cancer, but I guess it will wait some more. Now he will have some more stents put in on the right side of his neck in the carotid, in his heart, and in his right arm somewhere. He is a never ending rehab project.

Big doings are happening at the farm this weekend--Troy Brandenburg is coming to work on RAdar and get his cranky ass lined out--I know something is wrong with him. I'm sure Troy can fix it. We are functioning as sort of a clinic while he is there, and several others are hauling in to have horses worked on. He is so amazing to watch, I am really looking forward to it. I jsut hope the rain stops and it dries up a hair so I can mow again before it all starts. When, you ask? Hell if I know.


Carrie said...

Fingers crossed for a successful surgery for Baby Wonky. Fingers cross for successful breedings!!!

Anonymous said...

Fingers and legs crossed for all this "medical" stuff-----with horses and Dad-----

Good Grief-----

And fingers crossed for "rain free" weekend---but it will be HOT.....

Enjoy Carol

Jocelyn said...

crossing my fingers for Wonky Legs!

I need the rain to stop here too!

Venom said...

Wonky... I know you give all your horses the absolute best in vet care, so I'm betting he'll be fine.
Stuck with that moniker however... I'm just saying, are you trying to give him a complex? (kidding)

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