Saturday, May 15, 2010

A fat white chic at Zumba class

Oh holy mother--you should have seen this foolishness. I have been waiting and waiting for Zumba to come to my town, and finally, the Y set up a special one time class to happen at 11 am today. You had to sign up in advance and the class was limited to thirty people.

I was SO excited. I am the clumsiest person walking around on a regular day, so I did not expect to be able to actually do any of this stuff. But I keep hearing how fun it is, you forget you are exercising.

My ass.

Five minutes into it, I wished I was dead. My heartrate was already over 80%. I will admit I am not in the shape I was in six months ago, but this was ridiculous. I was sweating so hard, I was getting dizzy. Even mom was doing way better than I was, even if she looked like a complete jackass doing it. Really, everyone did, except for about three or four skinny chics who clearly knew what they were doing.

The teacher was amazing. I could have watched her dance all day. Trying to copy her--not my strong suit. I would start laughing so hard, I could not even pretend I was actually doing the steps.

This was a special one time thing, and thank God--no way could I keep up with this chic ever. We will get real classes this summer though, and hopefully, they will start with remedial white girl moves so that I can learn it. It should be really fun

That is, if I have not actually broken a hip, like I feel like I have.


Anonymous said...



and everything inbetween!!!

Laughing and smiling Carol

Holly said...

you made me go look up zumba on youtube.

Good for you, too much for this old, fat, white chick!

Anonymous said...

I think we deserve the pain.
Love you,

The Wife said...

My coworker wanted me to go to a class with her to try it out. I know my uncoordinated self would so hurt myself. I said no.

Connie@ Zumba Class Sydney said...

Yeah, now I found something interesting!. I really love to join in a dance class, but somehow I am not one of those person who were born to be a dancer.

Now I don't have to worry about my dancing talent! I already have something in my goal:" To join a Zumba Class!" I am sure It wont feel me something stressful because fun is all around!.By the way thanks for some encouragement!

Zumba Class Sydney said...

Dance away!
Let the fats roll, so they go away along with the pain.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry! Zumba is about having fun, I'm definitely the biggest person in my zumba class, and you get used to being a sweaty mess : ) good luck you should go back!

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