Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Medical updates--good and bad

Miss Vixen got her stitches out yesterday--day 11, I think. It is healed up really well. The bloody area is the spot that popped open, and that is fine. We wore it out scrubbing to make it bleed rather than letting it scab up. I am thrilled with it. No it is not pretty but I bet we will never even see it again, once it hairs back up. Now all I have to do is make sure scabs are picked all the time, so it can keep healing. Its a little puckered, but I am sure with time it will flatten out. Considering what a mess it was, I am good with this.
So after all this time, she got to go outside. First, she did not seem to know what to do with herself--she just stood at the gate and snorted at me. See you cannot even see her scar from here. She eventually realized she could play and she put on quite a show--I am saving those pics for a rainy day.
Meanwhile, poor Echo is really hurting. This abcess is kicking her ass. Last nite, after we confirmed it is just an abcess, I put on her epsom salt soaking boot, and wrapped her off leg for support. She waves her left foot around all the time and will not put it down for anything, so her off leg needed some additional support. She was not a fan of the soaking boot, and the wrap concerned her, so she had a real dilemma. She did not want to use either foot, but that made it hard to go anywhere--like to dinner at the front of her stall.

She solved that problem though--she rocked back on her hind legs, picked her front ones up about 18 inches, and shuffled across the stall. She looked like a Lippizaner. A short one, but one all the same. It wore her slap out but she got there, and did not seem to like me laughing at her.

This morning she had taken off the support wrap and the soaking boot had slipped down so it sloshed and flopped. I took it off. I felt sorry for her tonight, so I gave her hay where she was resting. Just a little, because I want her up and moving around. She had eaten her breakfast grain well, so I thought she deserved a little extra loving. Most of it I put in her rack so she would need to get up. She did get up to eat her grain tonight, but she was down again the next time I saw her.

She even stayed down so I could put her iccthammol packing on. I slapped that diaper and duct tape on and she never even offered to get up. That makes it easier on me, but sad that she hurts that bad.

I sure hope this thing pops soon. I have never seen one hurt this bad before, and it breaks my heart. Cross your fingers

Back to fun pics tomorrow--it was Aries' baby's first day out today, so there are some cute ones.


Holly said...

Poor baby! I feel bad for her. I am glad you are good with the healing of the almost-fatal-wound tho......

I have never had an abcess....*knock on wood*.

Hope I never do either!

Anonymous said...

Darn---wish my "people experience" had some old fashion ideas that could be transferred to "horses"

Take care Carol

coreymom40 said...

Wow, she did not look happy with all...

Hopefully she will feel better real soon.

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