Tuesday, May 4, 2010


That is so not a word anyone associates with me. I am a tornado on a quiet day--I may be doing, but mostly I am flittering. I am a busy chic, made more complicated by my clumsiness. I never do one thing at a time--more like ten. I will likely screw up five of them, but that means five get done. I have tried not being like that, but I can't take it--my brain needs the stimulation.

This was not an uncommon day, other than it starting at 6:30 am--a full three hours before I normally start--I worked on actual legal work with freakish efficiency all day long and got things done. I have needed that, as I have feel choked by brain clog and finally broke free of that. Meanwhile, while I was in the office, I had more fence built, I had the vet here, I worked way more, I had some funny things happen, and after all that, I went home to tend my ponies.

Some days, things are just nice. This picture is just nice. I did not shoot many today because the sun is not right as early as I was there or as late I was there after work, but I got a few. Some of them are way sweller than I could have made them if I had tried.

This picture looks like content to me. Knowing that is my old mare Playmate out there in the shot makes me even happier. Maybe I should call this photo "Retirement"


Michelle said...

Really beautiful photo Paige! One of my favorites. You should get this printed and then put up on the wall!


Anonymous said...

Ssometimes pictures that are SO BRIGHT are misleading. They are "perfect" and nothing is perfect.

So this picture is peaceful, accompanied with a sigh of contentedness----briefly----then watch out world---here I come.

Pretty and enjoy

Amy said...

Beautiful shot!! And I love the title :)

Holly said...

That is a betterthanswell photo.

that is an OUTSTANDING photo, calendar worthy!

Anonymous said...

I like that, "retirement", and I agree with Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Hey - I am definitely glad to discove this. cool job!

Anonymous said...

Hey - I am definitely delighted to discover this. Good job!

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