Monday, May 10, 2010

Half boy/half man

The baby Spikers is not a baby any more. He is a year old now, and sometime in the last week, he has figured out that he is a man. I think he figured it out Sunday morning, as that was when we caught him terrorizing the ladies in the pasture. And yes, that means his days in the pasture are numbered.
He is a handsome bugger though. I still really like him. I am not sure how he will feel about me when I pull him out of the pasture and make him live like a man. I will give him a friend or two of course, but he cannot be out sniffing around the girls now that he knows what he is supposed to do with that thing.
He cracks me up, because it seems like it happened overnite that he went from baby to a short grown-up. I am going to try to get some better shots of him, now that I know he is out of his ugly stage that they all go through.
These photos have nothing to do with anything. I just tend to take a lot of them when there is still grass out there to make for pretty pictures.
I could definitely focus better.

In other news around here--the strangest thing happening in my world is that there are kittens in the ceiling. I do not know if I have mentioned this yet, but this weekend, I heard some cheeping or chirping in the ceiling above the orange bedroom. After listening a while, I realized it was a pack of kittens. My best guess is that one of Charlie's ladies decided sneaking in the attic-ish area was the right choice for childbirth.

They talk all the time. Or at least all night. I can tell they are at least a couple of weeks old, since they are so loud, and because they are on the move---they have gone from one side of the room to the other side, and now I can hear them here in the living room. Unfortunately, that is a long ass way from the exit.

Also, I scheduled baby Wonky Legs surgery for Friday May 21. It will be nice to have it behind us. It is frustrating however, that the money I had set aside for it is now being taken up by our mortgage company who did not tell the truth about the closing costs on our refinance. It went from $0 out of pocket to $874. By Friday. How bout that for a shitty surprise?

I have lots more, but what if I do not have anything to say tomorrow? I better save some of it.

And keep the FAQ questions coming--I will probably do the post by the end of the week. There are some good ones in there already. Hope I can come up with some normal people answers.


Holly said...

I am allowed more than one question?????

why did you not tell me this?


Question number 2: how did you decide to become an attorney?

Anonymous said...

He is "literally" feeling his "cheery oats" does he know Girls can be trouble?

Question: who is your favorite author and why?

Mine was Leon Uris. He did INDEPT RESEARCH on his books of various countries and their culture etc. Not like today---author reads and listens to the TERRIBLE news and then uses that as a premise for their book YUCK YUCK YUCK. They think I am going to buy their "fiction" when I can see it for free! ! !

Question; what kind of camera do you have and is there any special "setting" you use for those landscape "closeups"?

You asked for it?????
Enjoy carol

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