Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Typical day--who did that?

First thing this morning, I find that there had been some havoc in the garage. The new bag of pig food had been thrown on the floor. As have two buckets of horse feed that are in the garage on a deep freeze for a reason unknown to me. Peeg was having a heyday. I assumed cats did it, since I am blaming everything on them this week. (speaking of which, I do not hear kitties in the ceiling tonight--this concerns me, as usually the TV gets them going)

I was wrong about the garage culprits. I got in the car, backed out and saw that Twister was standing in the yard. The back gate was standing open and Fonzie was standing near it, but in the pasture. That means Sly was unaccounted for. I almost had a stroke.

I should not have. That boy loves his mama big time. By the time I had the car door open, Sly was running across the yard to tell me what a fun day he was having. I guess we know who made the mess in the garage. That will teach me to leave the door open, I guess.

I fixed that situation, wondered what happened to the chain on the gate as it was totally missing--and went to work. It was a weird work day where I felt like I was in a circle jerk all day--nothing got accomplished, it seemed like. I hate days like that.

I had a doctor's appointment at 1:15, and I got there only to be told it was yesterday. The lady was a bit of a bitch. I knew she was wrong as I do not make Monday appointments, because usually I am at the vet or cannot be trusted to remember a Monday appointment, and I had put it in my handy dandy Droid calender. That is the best phone ever by the way. Some other dude came in with the same problem and he had his appointment card to prove it. She apologized to him, but took a tone with me. I am not a fan of that.

So I saw the doc--my thyroid levels are fine, I got steroids for the ridiculous annual poison ivy problem, and he upped my other meds that are to help me get off meth, stop having seizures, and some other things that do not apply. It is some super med that he says helps nerve pain and will let me actually get good sleep instead of just a lot of it. Lets hope we got the dosage right and I can be a normal person, and not a nocturnal wombat.

Back to work I went. More go in circles. Since I found out how fat I really am at the doc, I went to the gym and got on the treadmill. I swear it is like I never did it before. It was awful, but I did it. I know I will be glad someday. Hope it is soon.

Then I Went to the farm to get the new stall cleaner, Olivia, started. She is so cute I cannot stand it--her muck boots have packer heels and flowers on them for pete's sake, and she pulled her hair back with a hot pink sequined scarf. The wheel barrow is bigger than she is, but she got after it. I like her. I have to get a pic of her in that get-up.

While she was there, a mare owner showed up to get his mare. I wanted to hang out more with them, but also, my friend from work came to help me fix the bushhog that I did some damage to on Monday morning. It was a bust. Now I think they get why I always look like I have been hit by a truck when I get to work, not to mention why all my clothes are ruined.

It started to rain while I was out watering, and thank goodness-it is HUMID. It did not last though. I got home about 8 and my lawnmower was back from the dealer with new tires and blades--bout damn time. It was pretty much dark, but I had to try it out. I could tell that it is WAY better than it was--but who knows what I mowed out there. I know it is going to storm like hell for a few days, so this was my only chance.

I have been in the house since about nine and my efforts to not eat too much are going so so. I ate some teeny bit of cheese and crackers. Like four. not bad. Then the humongous like I have never seen in my life wild asparagus that crazy Darrell brought me--that was pretty tasty, I have to admit. It makes me happy to think of his crazy ass out in the wild picking asparagus for me because he knows I love it--and you know he was cussing me the whole time. I think that makes it taste better. Then I gave in and made some super lean taco meat and put it on low carb tortillas I discovered. I ate too much for sure. But at least it was all stuff that is okay--now I am gonna have diet yogurt and crash. I hope.

What did I not do? Catch Spike the pervert, who seems to have calmed down. Re-pack Echo's foot, which has finally spring a leak but she is still way off. She is at least putting some weight on it when she stands, and is up more than she is down now. I also did not remember to buy more of Simba's medicine, and I did not go to spinning before work like I was supposed to. I did no laundry. I did not deal with mail.

Maybe tomorrow


Gail said...

Well, maybe tomorrow you will get something done! Joking, slow down just a little

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow---tomorrow---there is always tomorrow! ! ! !

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the NO NO on Way to Paige's Blog.

Who is Oliva?

Enjoy and yes rain stuff, humid, all week. Yuck! Carol

Venom said...

OMG Paige, I'm tuckered out just reading what you do in a day! I feel so guilty about my laziness that I resolve to get off the computer and, probably go watch PVRed Hoarders. Yeah, I might be allergic to inspiration. But, you know,
'GO Paige!'.

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