Sunday, May 9, 2010


I am starting to feel like I am totally talking to myself around here.

Some blogs had a FAQ post every once in a while, and it is pretty interesting to me to see what kinds of questions people come up with.

So let's do that. Send me questions--in a comment or email, or whatever, and I will make a post answering them.

Now won't it be embarrassing if no one asks me anything!


Holly said...

How did you get started in horses?

Anonymous said...

Ought Oh! A can of worms has been opened up! ! !

FAQ's : how many questions for each of us ?
Can they be personal or business?
Will we be able to read your answers to the FAQ's and/or comments of everyone?

You realize you will be kept busy for the next 365 days! ! !

Darn---all my questions and/or comments that come to my "mind" are HOW TO DO's!

Gotta think----perhaps books!

Hm! enjoyCarol

Anonymous said...

How was your mother's day?

Jocelyn said...


Why can't your horses have human names ?

Nancy said...

Okay Paige, here's one for you -
What is in your first aid kit and foaling kit for your barn?

Also, do you have any frugal tips that you use that we could all benefit from? I'm all about frugal as long as it doesn't compromise the health or well being of my horses. For example: I freeze 5 gallon buckets of water that I've mixed with Kool-aid or a electrolyte along with fruit and veggies that my horses love for those terrible hot days - this gives them something to do as well as help to keep them hydrated - any tips like that you can share?

Amanda said...

When your hair bigs out, what do you do to control it so that you do not require your own ZIP code?


mommymae said...

mandy (& gabi) that's hilarious!

-how do you survive in such a funny family? i'm serious. all 7 (soon to be 8) are some of my favorite people in the world. bless barry & ed. how do you manage?

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