Friday, April 16, 2010

Whose big idea was this anyway?

Today, I had to fill in for my boss at a court reporter's conference, talking about how appeals work, etc. Has anyone ever noticed that court reporters as a whole are really attractive people? Kind of like airline attendants. Its a little intimidating really.

I never really understood what the focus was supposed to be. I am guessing it was so people could laugh at me.

Off we went, Rita and I, and since she is really the boss of me, she had to talk more. She was really good. I was the comedic relief. We were described as kind of like Lucy and Ethel, but really more like Lucy and Lucy. That is about right really. We knew we were in trouble when we got put up on a dais with freaking microphones. ugh, just thinking about it makes me cringe. There were a few reporters we knew in there, but 95% of them we did not know--thank God. It could have been much worse.

You would think we would be good at this. Rita hates oral argument, and I am not a fan, but honestly, we are both very good at that. You sort of learn to fake it through, since you know the framework so well--but it does not necessarily translate to another situation like this. We were both super nervous

So we had to talk for an hour and fifteen minutes. Do you have any idea how long that is? Pretty damn long. I tried to stay shut up for as long as possible, since everyone knows I cannot go more than two minutes without cussing. I think I may have hit a personal record. I will not say that I made it all the way through, but it was likely the least profanity filled discussion I have participated in since I was about 10. That is pretty good, I think.

What I want to know though is who thought this was a good idea?

In other news, of which there is much, this week has been filled with much drama. One being that I am evidently being eaten alive by what may or may not be brown recluse spiders. No one can swear to that, but it has made the last few days interesting, and added about 8 pills a day to my standard intake. Since it is time to take some more of them, and I am kind of enjoying them, I will save that story for later, and let these pills do their job. I am so going to bed


Holly said...

Hey! No spiders. None. Tell them to get lost!

Gail said...

You will have to hunt and kill these spiders. Once they have started on prey, they will return.

Anonymous said...

Hey--what is the rest of the story!!

spiders---in your house??

Here I go again--unsolicited advice but at any hardware there is a product meant to catch mice cause it is VERY VERY STICKY.

Called Mouse Glue Boards--about 5" X 8" and I cut them up into smaller pices like a business card and put them on the floors in corners etc. Wow----spiders walk across them to get to me or and zap---they are STUCK.

Try it you may like it! ! !
Enjoy Carol

Anonymous said...

where the heck is my comment? Do spiders now eat words?

Unsolicited advice:

get yourself some Mouse Glue Boards cut into business card sizes and put close to floor moldings, closet doors and as they "walk over" Zap--stuck in glue

Enjoy weekend

Fantastyk Voyager said...

YUCK! Public speaking! It's good that she had to do more talking.
I certainly hope you don't get bit by a spider. Those glue traps sound like a good idea.

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