Monday, April 5, 2010

Vixen came home

This is the formerly skinny Foxy-----one day about four years ago, she had a meeting with Sly:

And somehow, the result was this:
Vixen looks so much like Sly, its weird. I swear when she left, she was a pretty girl, but I did not think there was a huge resemblance. But now look!She has the shape of his head for sure. Good thing too as her mother, Foxy, was not blessed in that area at all.

When Vixen went away last fall, she was a typical two-year-old Slybaby. Not big, but right at 14 hands. Slybabies tend to grow more their three and four year old years than any other time. She was ridden for a while, but has not been ridden since November. Neither we or Bobby, her trainer, could get it together well enough to transfer her back home until Saturday nite, and when he unloaded her in a parking lot to give her to me, I was floored at how much she had grown up. She is not a baby any more.
Yesterday, I got all brave, despite her five month layoff since her last ride, and the extreme wind we had going on yesterday, and hopped right on for her first ride. She did great. We even had to take up the baby headstall that we use on most of the young ones, which is hard to believe considering some of the tiny heads around here. After adjusting it up by poking some more holes in it, she was even better--at first she had fidgeted with the bit some, but the readjustment made things better. She was very relaxed, even though I kept sending her around a whole trailer load of new hay in the driveway, and she did not give me a bit of trouble. All in all, a great first start for us-- and I look for things to get better all the time.
We measured her when we brought her home, and she is a little over 14'1". She is getting her teeth done soon, and I will ride her this spring. She is ready for a new home, so send those buyers on! She sure is bred right, since Foxy is a daughter of Doc Wilson, out of a daughter of Freckles Playboy, so Vixen should be able to work a cow pretty well. She just needs a chance to learn it.

In other news, I am up bright and early tomorrow to take Diablo to the vet to receive her TR Dual Rey swimmers. I am very excited, and crossing my fingers that she was able to keep from ovulating for twelve more hours.


Funder said...

You look awesome up on Vixen. You've lost a lot of weight and you look comfortable on her. :)

Holly said...

Good job Paige! You have done a tremendous job losing the weight. Isn't it a satisfying feeling to have such a steady young horse????

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Vixen------

And have fun with her while you can----

Enjoy all things!
Carol ( who is now home=---sigh!) miss my girls already--

Cara said...

Very nice horse Paige! You look great too!

Jocelyn said...

you look great ! and Vixen is well a...vixen :)

Good Luck with the DR swimmers!

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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