Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good timing, followed by one Paigeaster after another

This morning went great---til about 11 am. I was up super early, picked up Menno to work on my fence (yay yay yay!) by 7:30, loaded Diablo, got gas, and still managed to make my 9:15 a.m. appointment at Doc M's.

I do not know who is more shocked that I keep showing up on time, or even early--me or him. He says this proves I can do it, I say I have done all I can do and it will likely be downhill from here.

We had several hurdles to get over today--were we able to stop Diablo from ovulating too early, would the semen be good, etc. It went perfectly. She was just getting ready to ovulate, the semen was excellent, at about 75% motility, with 65 % or so progressive. Good stuff. Now it is as up to nature as any of this stuff gets.

I had to go to McKinney's to get special stuff for Haida Girl and baby, to help straighten up those legs. They sold it to me, only to discover they did not actually have what they sold me. They substituted something that I could buy two miles from my house. That is so not how it was supposed to go, but whatcha gonna do. I will find another supplier.

Then I ran to Rural King to get some more fence stuff for Menno. Got it done, and headed home. About 15 miles from my house, I blew a trailer tire. Did I not tell you that I ALSO did that on Friday, when I took D to the vet to confirm she needed semen (but she did not)? The vet is an hour from me, so this stuff is not easy, but if you leave it to me, I will manage to make it harder by doing things like blowing up tires. Last week, it costly me about $150. Not so much today--$256. That includes a new tire each time, neither of which is fit for a trailer, so still have to be replaced.

That whole mess wasted a good portion of the day. I was so glad my stupid Blackberry actually worked, since it mostly does not work, so I was able to call the interstate helper people, and work to tell them it did not look good for my attendance, since I was spending the day at a rest area on the interstate.

Finally, that got done, and I got back to town--I drove straight to the tire place, where I ordered a new set to be installed at great cost this week. I also learned that all my complaining about the tires being only two years old was for naught, since evidently they are 6 years old. That was embarrassing.

I dealt with the fence builder Menno, came home and tried to get my life in order, since it seemed pointless to go to work for a couple of hours. I was afraid I would get someone executed if I went, since most of what I touched fell apart all day.

Tonight, I had a massive disaster with Haida Girl's turnout. I put her in the sand pit with baby boy--I left Squiggy in there because she was being a pain in the ass, and I did not feel like wasting time catching her. This was a huge mistake. She accidentally considered looking at baby boy, and there was much running and foolishness, then the next thing I knew, baby boy had escaped. He must have shot right between two fence boards, and he was on the lam.

You can imagine what HG thought of this. I ran to open gates (which are tied shut by bailing twice, since we do not use them), before she busted through boards to save him. By the time I got her out, Radar had stolen the baby. He wants more than anything to be someone's mother, and cannot comprehend how dangerous this attitude is. There was a full on rampage, and before I knew what had happened, baby boy was through yet another fence, this one made of hotwire and electric rope.

Thank God, Madison showed up about then, although it was certainly not an easy procedure. HG was hysterical, but baby boy was having the time of his life. Gyro was one of only three horses in the field he escaped into--about a 25 acre pasture--and she thought he was a great addition to her merry little band. Baby boy went along with the plan and there was running and bleating and great celebration going on. I would have given anything for a video camera.

Mad had the dangerous part of catching HG in the stampede, and getting her through to the pasture, but ultimately had to let her go to avoid getting hurt. It still took HG a while to get her baby back, since he was perfectly content with Gyro. He was run into a T-post once, damn near through fence again, and all around caused a train wreck that was hard to watch.

Fast forward two hours, and we had emptied every horse out of that pasture, and HG still was not having it--she would not let us catch her, she did not want anyone near her baby and all I could think of was that the fence was probably shorting out and there was going to be more horses in the wrong place and I would probably have to shoot myself.

What a nite. I ran an errand, and when I got back, Madison had done the impossible--she had the happy little family caught. I could have kissed her.

Instead, I let her have the first ride of the Season. She rode Gyro, who was acting a fruit, I got on Vixen who was equally batty, and we rode about a half hour. My nerves were in no shape for it though, and Vixen being goosey was not helping--I do not know if it was the wind, or what, but it was NOT fun. We did it though, and that is what matters.

What a long day. I am just now making dinner at 9:30. I have a smashed finger, a bruised and swollen hand from slamming it into something, and bruises I do not know where they came from.

All in all, a regular day in my world. I am almost excited for the big storm that will give me a day off from farm marathons, and let me get back to work, where I am at least less likely to be injured. Not a lot less likely, but less likely all the same.


Holly said...

I was absolutely holding my breath when The Young Man got away from his Mama as mares who can't get to their little babies can be dangerous. I could see THAT going into a downward spiral so fast there would be people trampled before you could say holy loose baby batman. Thank God it turned out alright.

Glad nobody got pitched off when riding either!

Anonymous said...

Not good for you---but

what would the "rest" of us do without your "Paigeasters"?

They cannot be "made up" so you must have to experience them and


Can I say enjoy---how about be careful.


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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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