Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby boy goes outside

Short stuff went out for pics tonight and got to have a little bit--very little bit--of turnout. Poor mama needed some sunshine. He has some leg issues going on that require restriction of exercise for a while, but we have to keep mama's brain in good shape too.
He was like a freight train gone off the tracks. But he still needed to stop and talk to mama occasionally. I still cannot get over what a great job she is doing--even with all the busybodies watching from behind, HG was calm, cool and collected. That is a long way from where she started!
Baby boy can go from quiet and content to hell raiser in seconds flat. In fact, that is what Madison calls him. He sure has some unique moves.

I finally turned them out in the dry lot so mama could blow off some steam--we did get to see some funny threatening of the peanut gallery during that time. Of course, everyone was so excited to see him that she had a lot of opportunity to threaten everyone. Can't blame her though--some of them like Radar are so ignorant of the whole mama/baby situation that they get in trouble every single year. I got some funny pics of her telling everyone off, with baby boy sneaking under her to visit everyone. I will save them for a rainy day.
One of the watchers was baby boy's grandma Playmate. How cool it is to have her still around, it always makes me happy to be able to have three generations together.


Anonymous said...

What a guy!

And no April Fool's joke either.

Enjoy Carol

Fantastyk Voyager said...

He's so adorable! It sure brings back some great memories of baby Yalla! and her crazy antics. I remember that she had a "buck button" on the top of her rump; touch it and her hind legs went up about two feet in the air every time.

Linda said...

Beautiful boy!

Jocelyn said...

he sure is super cute!
I like the name Hell Raiser!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

He sure is a handsome colt.

I'm going to miss not having any babies this year. Not that I am home to enjoy them, but still...

We had leg issues last year too. Beretta didn't start out with any, but then got those horrible lumpy joints for several months(that's cleared up thankfully) and then Little Guns was born late and he was just a mess. We put him and momma up in a corral right away-both because it was so late in the year and to let him get his legs right. Mom says they look good now. Both of those mares were maidens too.

Michelle said...

Hi Paige! I am officially a follower or rather I am officially following you. :) I think this is one of the most prettiest babies. I really like the photo with the baby in front of fence and grandma in the background.


Amy said...

So cute Paige!

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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