Monday, March 1, 2010

Paige as a BellyDancer

I really have to stop speaking in the third person. I am pretty sure I irritate myself.

But what do you make of that foolish idea? I sure enough for real just got home from Intro to Bellydancing.

I shit you not. I am the most uncoordinated person in the free world, and only dance if I am drunked up and I went straightaway to the bellydancing class. When I told my boss I was going, she laughed out loud and that should have been a cue for me to reconsider, but I did not.

It is a new class at the Y, for women only, and this was the first nite. There had to be at least 30 people there. It was packed.

And I did it. I suspect I looked like a baby elephant with a seizure, but I did not want to confirm it, so I made sure I could not see me in the mirror. That would likely have sent me to the bed.

We learned about hip shimmies, which I have the basics of but sure cannot do properly, and undulations, which I may or may not have down---I am guessing not. Traveling undulations, I felt better about. The shoulder shimmies are really really hard. I got the hip drop and even the hip drop with a kick bizness.

It was really a trip. The class is twice a week, but the Friday will be a repeat of today, so I guess I will wait until next week to go again.

The teacher said we would all probably have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. I can believe that, considering how tight my lower back is right now. I am hoping this whittles some more off my hips and especially my belly. It may have been a bad idea to do it on a day when I saw the personal trainer did step aerobics right before Bellydancing, but that is what I did.

If you do not hear from me for a while, either I cannot get out of bed or a video of the class has appeared and caused me to jump off the roof. It could go either way


3 Men and a Lady said...

I wish that were offered here! I've been doing a do-it-myself bellydancing type aerobic workout using some things I've gotten off of youtube. It's fun! And it really works the waist and hips. Enjoy!

Funder said...

Just remember that bellydancers are supposed to be, ahhh, Rubenesque. All those skinny women in class with you should eat some pizza already!

Holly said...

you make me laugh every day.

no jumping off the roof! That's an order.

don't. make. me. come. out. there.

mommymae said...

teri black paid me & karla g. $20 bucks each to belly dance for derek at his 21st birthday at the old bobo's. i think your mom was there.

Anonymous said...

Variety if the spice of life! ! !

Bellydancing--! ! ! ! !

Why not?

Enjoy Carol

Lorna said...

That is such a perfect Paige thing to have done. I was reading and expecting a paige-aster - but, glad you were 'safe' while doing it.

Sure hope you can get out of bed today!

Jillene said...

An elephant having a seizure?! I am dying laughing over here because that's what I would look like!!

Holly said...

the sister of a friend does belly dancing and I could not believe how HARD it is!It's really a workout!

Jodi said...

Baby elephant having a seisure? I just snorted coffee out of my nose.

The Grounded Drink Lady said...

This elephant wouldn't have the nerve to belly dance!!! A friend asked me if I'd go with her a while back. I laughed til coke came outta my nose!

Amanda said...

i just pitched out the bed. i cannot believe that you did not fall on something critical. hahahaahhahahha...
you are not the most uncoordinated person ever... you just think you are... and that has its own side effects. i hate the mirror too. but i'm proud of you.


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