Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a weekend!

This was a great weekend. We did so much fun stuff, it was amazing.

We had the fancy Italian dinner on Friday nite--I had new clothes and everything. Should have gotten new shoes too as mine hurt like hell. Then we went to the comedy club and I already told you about that. After we finished there, we moseyed through Soulard looking for some entertainment. It was pretty dead, but we ran into some people who were leaving the Great Grizzly Bear and suggested we go in to listen to the band. It looked pretty dead, but what that heck--so we went.

We had a great time. The band was on a break, and as soon as we went in, we were approached by someone who thought we were other people. We were not, but he turned out to be the lead singer. He spent his break with us and we had a great time listening to them play. We did not stay out late, but we will definitely see them again.

The next morning, we went for hamburgers at a place we heard was great. It was okay. We had a 1:00 appointment to go on the Budweiser brewery tour. I have not done that in ten years, I bet, and although Barry swore he had been, I do not think he has. It was nice. I absolutely love the round barn--I will post pics when I get around to it. In the free sampling, I chose the Bud Select 55 and it was not half bad. I need to learn to drink it for the sake of my fat gut.

After the Brewery, we walked some more and ended up at the Farmer's Market. I admit, I am a bit of a snob, and have never been to such a thing. We had an absolute ball. I got pineapples, and blueberries and blackberries and oranges, and Barry got mushrooms, tomatoes, ground beef, and God knows what else. I am sure we did not spend more than $20. What a fun place--we will for sure go back. I put my blueberries in muffins tonight.

Then we watched the Illinois game on TV. They suck. I took a nap until later, then we went to see another band at the closest neighborhood bar. I forgot that they can smoke in Missouri bars, and how nice it is to not have to deal with that here. We did not last long as a result. We went somewhere else and heard some blues. We were not out too late again. We are such good least this time we were.

This morning, Barry cooked breakfast, then we went to the Home and Garden show. We finally found the right tile for the house--we think. Hallelujah. We bought some odds and ends--new fancy sheets, and this funny cart for toting things home from the Farmer's Market, that Barry calls his stroller. Some good sausage, sunglasses--just stuff like that.

And finally I won the argument--I made him take me to the zoo. There is not much I love more than the zoo and of course, I have a jillion pics of that too. When I recover, I will post all that too. Next we went to watch the end of the gold medal hockey match between Canada and USA. I dont even like hockey, but we watched it at Blueberry Hill in UCity. That is where we went right after we got engaged almost 17 years ago, so it is always fun to go there. We had dinner there tonight--who knew they had such good soup?

Finally, I had to give in and come home. That was sad. It was also sad dragging in umpteen bags of pineapples!

I had two nightmares about the dogs while I was gone--one each, in which they died in sad ways, so I held my breath all the way home, praying they were okay. Of course they were, and are already asleep in their favorite places. Sometimes, home is as good as anywhere else.

Barry has boys' weekend coming up--he is going to Lake Tahoe skiing with about 17 other guys. Hopefully he will not be on oxygen the whole time this time. I am looking forward to a relaxing week and weekend--it is time to get ready for foaling season.


Holly said...

how many and who do you have due?

Sounds like you had a good weekend but I am tired just hearing about it!

Anonymous said...

What else could be said about your wonderful weekend? ? ?

Except LOOK AND WATCHING for pictures! ! !

Enjoy enjoy Carol

Lorna said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I think you guys are making up doing things together for the amount of time he was up in Chicagoland!

It's hard to believe that foaling season is nearly here!

When do you go to the concerts in Houston?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you don't remember that you, Barry, & I did the brewery tour with Ashlyn in her stroller when she was not even two yrs old! How often do you take toddlers to the brewery that you could forget that? :-)


Jocelyn said...

WOW! We've been blog friends for a YEAR becasue the last time BArry went skiing he was sicker than a dog and almost kicked the bucket.

TIME flies, I sure hope he has a better time this year!

Paige said...

JT that was not Barry. It was your moms exchange student

Gail said...

I could use a weekend like that! Looking forward to the pictures.
Are you doing anything special when B is skiing?

Amanda said...

Ok seriously... you've never been to a farmer's market. You're a farmer for cryin' out loud. And you love yourself an Amish. And never been to the farmer's market. unbelievable.

that was a deeeee-lightful weekend. i like doing all of those things except the hockey. but i like blueberry hill, so i'd be on that.

i've not recovered from seeing jennifer coolidge with both of you. i just love her.

Jodi said...

I am so glad you guys are having a blast in St. Louis. Wait until summer and Soulard Market is in full swing!

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