Saturday, February 27, 2010

Funny nite out

We went to see Jennifer Coolidge at a small comedy club last nite. Somehow, we got the best seat in the house, right square in front of her. I have always loved her--she has been one of my favorite actresses since Best in Show. She was great in the American Pie movies too, but obviously, I was not as interested as most men were--but since then, any movie she has shown up in, I have rushed to see. I think she is absolutely hysterical, and she is even funnier in person.
I normally hate having really good seats at a comedy show--you usually get made fun of, and that humiliates me. The opening act accused me of looking at his package--and I was, so that was particularly embarrassing. Jennifer Coolidge had an in-depth discussion with me about blow jobs as part of her routine. But I was laughing so hard that I did not have time to be embarrassed and that is pretty impressive for me.

We also made friends with her makeup artist/jack of all trades Dean. He was really nice too and hung out with after the show. Turned out they had been down here near Barry's apartment the night before, we swapped some stories. When she got done with everything, she came to talk to us for a while. She had been signing autographs forever and was still in a really good mood, she never lost her patience with some of the yahoos bothering her, and was so kind. I think that surprised me more than anything. She thanked us for playing along with her act, and said that our seat was the one that always determined how the show would go and we were perfect. She also told us that they are making another American Pie movie with all the original people back in it--not like all the offshoots they have been making. She does not know when it will be out though, but it is one of her next projects.

We had so much fun with her, I like her even more now. If you get a chance to see her act, you totally should--there was not a part of it that was not funny. She re-enacts some of her movie parts, and it is a trip to see her slip into roles and back out again--you cannot believe it is the same person even though you see it happen. We had a great nite!


Holly said...

sounds like a great time!

3 Men and a Lady said...

Wow! That's so cool. She is even prettier than in the movies. I had no idea she did stand up.

Anonymous said...

Funny NITE OUT-----has left behind funny DAYTIME memories.

What a great weekend!

Enjoy the coming week.

Jocelyn said...

wow what fun! You get to mmet the most interesting people!

Shelley said...

OMG I LOVED Best in Show and American Pie.

Paige, you sure meet many people and have so many awesome life adventures.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

What a great night! Thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

How cool. glad to hear you had such a wonderful weekend.

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