Thursday, February 25, 2010

Headed to Honduras!!!

We finally got it all together and put our down payment on our scuba trip today. We chose Roatan, Honduras, one of the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras. This trip has been recommended to me by so many people, mostly Captain Ted, my old boss who dives more than anyone I know. He also recommened Bonaire last year and he sure got that right, so I am following his lead when I can.

We could not afford to stay at the place he recommended, but I think we got a great set up. We are staying at Cocoview Resort, which like the resort we used in Bonaire, includes all the diving we can do. We get four boat dives a day, and all the shore diving we can do. The Prince Albert is sunk right in the "Front Yard" of the resort, as they call it. I think Barry will like that, since he has not gotten to do much wreck diving. The resort it also all inclusive for food, so we won't have to think much about that.

I borrowed the pic from .....they have lots of great pictures of Roatan.
These cabins on the water are part of the resort. Unfortunately, we could not get in to them--booked full already. Cocoview has a nice consolation prize though--we got our own beach house. Two bedrooms, two baths and an observation deck higher up so we can watch the sunset in our own hammocks. AmyB is going and who knows who else might join us--we have room for one more for sure, and a friend of hers may join us.

Only four more months til we go!


Holly said...

Have fun! I know you like the water, me...not so much. So I am charging you with having enough fun for both of us!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday has passed on---today is exciting! !

Only four months to go for


On my!
Enjoy enjoy Carol

Jillene said...

It looks GORGEOUS!! I am sure that you will have a great time!!

Anonymous said...

Your Monga Bay pic is of West Bay, Not very relevant for your trip to CCV

Paige said...

Im betting they wont hold me hostage at CCV, so hopefully I will be able to see other parts of the island

Amanda said...

Woohoo!!! I wish everyone had a lovely vacation to look forward to just like that. I love that you get to plan these things and then have an exciting, fun, relaxing time to look forward to. Have a great time with AmyB and BS.


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