Saturday, February 6, 2010

What kind of store is this?

I went to the costume/party supplies store yesterday on a mission. I was hunting the supplies for Slater's costume for the Mardi Gras dog parade in Soulard tomorrow. I always wait to the last minute and then am sad that he does not have a great outfit.

I was on the ball this time--two full days ahead of the parade.

So I enter the store and asked them where they keep their pimp capes. Barry thought for sure this was the year that Slater needed to be a pimp, which evidently requires a purple cape.

So I asked about the pimp capes and they told me, without even thinking about, I swear---that they had no pimp capes. In fact, they acted like it was not even a reasonable question.

What kind of store does not carry a pimp cape, I ask you?

Never fear though, they came around and we managed to assemble a mess of supplies that could be made into a pimp cape. With feathers. Some of which are stuck to my fingernails now, but that is the price you have to pay when the store does not carry a proper ready made pimp outfit.

Stay tuned for pics of his debut in his 2010 costume


Anonymous said...

I will be waiting with "baited breath" for Slater's grand entrance.

Enjoy enjoy and enjoy

GGrrr! bad weather is on the way again.

Gail said...

I look forward to seeing your creation.

The Wife said...

I thought pimp and ho wear was always readily available at those stores! Can't wait for the pimped out Slater pics!

Holly said...

I love the Slater/Mardi pix. The one from last year was outstanding! Have fun today, hope it is warm(ish)!

Michelle said...

I can't wait to see photos (there WILL be photos, right?). This was hysterical!

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