Friday, February 5, 2010

A matched set

Diablo and the Demon Cat--previously known as Bubbles-- have been reunited. Not hard to tell they are a mother and daughter, is it? Diablo is covered in mud, as is her preferred condition, and the Demon looks like she is, but on her, it is really white hairs.

I wonder if they or I am more ready for spring.


Anonymous said...

They still make a pretty pair, mud and all.

Jocelyn said...

i am ready for Summer! Hopefully so I can go play with my friend Paige and our ponies!

Anonymous said...

Cute----mud and all----

How about spring first with all it's glory and nice weather.

Summer brings the HEAT-----

Enjoy a great weekend

Gail said...

A fine pair of ladies!

hooves said...

Another and daughter. Had to think about that one before I figured it out. They look alike for sure. hooves

Tammy said...

Most definitely a matched set!

Spring.... seems like a dream. So close & yet so far away...

Michelle said...

They look so cute together! I bet you're ALL ready for this winter to be over!

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