Monday, February 8, 2010

Slater goes to Mardi Gras

I have just started on the pics, and there are so many to choose from, that I thought I better get some up here for now. Slater made a friend at the parade--this was a very brave kid to pose with Slate. That is Slate's arrogant look he is showing us. We got to the parade 20 minutes before we started, and I stopped counting at 30, the number of people that asked him to stop for photos. He loves it. I noticed that all of my pics were his serious self, and never his silly faces.

This was Slater watching the parade. He thinks this whole parade thing is for him.

Leave it to Slater to get arrested. Look how ashamed he looks in the back of the cop car. As well he should be.
Unfortunately, there was a mob of people taking his picture so I could never get a good one that showed he was actually in a cop car. You will just have to take my word for it. It really was fun, and the patrolman was a great sport. It was actually his idea to put him in the car for his pictures instead of just posing next to the car. It was really warm in there though, so ultimately we had to drag him out or he would still be there, riding around the downtown area.

We had a ball as usual. The attendance was way down this year though, since the Super Bowl was on the same day. We watched part of it in a bar in Soulard, and the second half at the Brewhouse at the Hyatt at the Arch, where we got dinner and Slater slept off his hard day. He is a big fan of hotels, and particularly enjoyed this one. The Hyatt has a 50 pound weight limit which no one told me until we got there, and despite my clearning him in advance. They waived it for him though, and gave him a toy and a water bowl, and some other treats, and told him this morning that he was welcome back any time. He makes a fan of every one who meets him.

He and I slept in while Barry went to work this morning. Slater was very torn between having his own bed to sleep in and wanting to be with me. It was really fun.

Stay tuned for more pics as I get time to go through them. This is going to be a short week for me, especially if the blizzard hits tonight--that will give me some time to play with pics. I also need to rest up for a crazy weekend, kicking off Thursday nite


Midwest Mommy said...

Oh how funny!

Holly said...

"He makes a fan of every one who meets him."

that is true, I am a Slater fan too. Great job on the outfit! And he even wowed the cops....Go Slater!

Anonymous said...

The costume looks great. Slater is serious, but I think he's in his element.
Glad you had a great day.

EmmaP said...

um, excuse me. Is that a DOG or a HORSE?

Oh.My.Gosh! hilarious!

EmmaP said...

um, excuse me. Is that a DOG or a HORSE?

Oh.My.Gosh! hilarious!

Anonymous said...

The Mardi Gras King has been replaced by a dignified, dressed to the nines-----NEW KING.

Long Live Slater! ! !


The Wife said...

Ummm, was that an elvis cape turned pimp cape? and I could see the lights on the top of the car, I totally believe ya!

Amy said...

You've outdone yourself on Slate's costume! That is fantastic -- Love it!

Amanda said...

He's so handsome. I think he could be the Little Emperor's sidekick. He needs to clean up his act though... no more arrests. His record is far too long already.

Glad you had fun,

Michelle said...

He's so cute! I'm not sure whose costume I like more - him or the "poodle!" He looks like such an awesome dog, I'm not surprised he has a fan club everywhere he goes!

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