Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunny day strip

The sun came out finally and I think the animals are as glad as I am. Sly, Twister and Fonzie were laid out like they had been shot. Fonzie was the only one that could be bothered to acknowledge me as I tried to get good pics of them.

Check Spelling This is Boce's post-potato hangover on Friday morning. Peeg is having a hard few days. Not only did he eat enough potatoes to kill a person, now Barry has taken his tarp away from him to transport stuff back to his apartment. Pig is very angry and keeps telling Barry what he thinks of it. It would be sad if it weren't so funny.
Because it was fifty degrees yesterday, I took the old ladies' dresses off to air them out. Playmate is looking pretty dang good for a 29 year old girl. I have not looked at her in a few weeks, so I was happy to see her maintaining this well.

She is still so much fun to be around. She should pork back up really well this spring and summer, and at least she is not starting from a big deficit. So far, she has been really healthy and had few health issues. Her vision has not come back completely in that one eye, from when she scratched it, but she does just fine. I hope we have many more years together


Anonymous said...

Mother Nature is playing games again. Spring for a couple of days and now returning to winter.

But your kids look good and seem to be having fun.

Least ways you guys have been able to take a breather from your usual "antics" of life.

Enjoy Carol

Michelle said...

Post-potato hangover!!! LMAO!!! Too funny. Boce is cute! Glad you got some sun - I know I sure enjoyed our beautiful weekend.

Amy said...

So, I had to re-read the part about how you said that Peeg was pissed because Barry took his tarp away to transport stuff to his apartment. The first time I read that I thought that Peeg was using the tarp to transport stuff to HIS apartment (which I was guessing to be the garage or something) - LOL! It's Monday morning and I'm a little slow I guess ;)

The Wife said...

I know how the animals feel about the sunshine. It was 76 degrees here yesterday and so nice! Today, cold and grey. Tomorrow, snow! WTH!

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