Monday, February 22, 2010

The Mysterious Disappearance of Paige

This has been the weirdest day, I swear. I overslept again because my head was hurting so bad, the clock looked blurry and I thought it was earlier than it was. Good thing I have flex time--but it did cause me to have to work until 7 pm tonight.

That is not the weird part, although I realize it sounds like it.

I was stopped at the stop light closest to my office when a semi turned toward me. He got THIS CLOSE to wacking me. In fact, he may have grazed me, but there was someone on the side of me and someone behind me, so I just laid on the horn and he stopped. I should have known this was going to be a day when I was just erased from everything, if I can almost get wacked at a stop light in bright daylight in front of the court house.

I was being super productive during my lunch break--I called some service provider of mine, cannot remember who. That worked out well, since they could not remember me either. I tried to get info to change trash companies. The answering machine hung up on me. I called around about changing propane companies, since I am always mad at mine. I got about seven different stories about how it works, if it can be done etc--I was always taught that changing propane companies is like sleeping with someone else's husband, but turns out not. The whole time though, I was worried sick someone was going to pick me off by sniper for even deigning to talk about it out loud. This time, even the current company was nice to me---which really threw me off my game. I had my standard dispute with Verizon about my piece of shit phone--the Blackberry Storm--do not buy one--and even they could not find evidence of why they had jacked me around on it originally either. It really was like I had been deleted from the universe.

The best thing--I mean the best thing ever--was when I called the trailer dealership where they have been working on Mack Daddy ever since we dropped her off in November. I had not heard from them in a long time, and honestly, that was okay, since when we pick it up, we have to hand over not only the $7000 insurance check that I have had since December and which is probably expired now, but a hefty one of our own for doing some brake work, winterizing it, etc---and the longer I can put that off, the better.

So guess what happened? They HAD NO IDEA WHO I WAS. None. How can that be? You cannot tell me they do that big of a job every day. I know they don't because they told me that when they did the estimate for me. I was told that the service manager was out sick, but some other dude who seemed to have some authority said he would figure out what was up and get back to me. When he did a few hours later, it was to tell me that nothing had been done other than the winterizing and brake work. No parts ordered, no work done, nothing! Almost four freaking months and nothing has been done. We are getting dang close to trailer season too, so this is totally unacceptable.

The dude said either he or the missing service manager would call me tomorrow, and I told him I felt like I was in trouble. That is how stupid I am--I am jacked and I feel like I have an appointment with the principal. This should be interesting.

So to celebrate all this lunacy and because I had a headache and cramps, and I probably should feel worse just to make it a real banner day, I decided to go to McDonald's. Yes, I know better, but sometimes it has to be done. I was on the phone with Dad while I was in the drive thru, and it was really busy, and I was in the outside lane. I dont know what that has to do with anything, except that when it was my turn to get to the pay window and they had lost my order. Really. In two minutes. Had no idea why I was there or what my business was. I started over, paid my money--the only real time in the last week since we have been on a cashless trend since we overspent at Mardi Gras and dont get paid til Friday. Got my food and drove back to the office.

No straw. Fine. I can wait til I get back inside. My tea was sweet. DISGUSTING. I tried to give it away but no one would have it. I finished my secret demon french fries, knowing they would make me sick, and saved the hamburger for last, like I always do. I get the #2, which is two cheeseburgers. I always order it with no cheese and no onions, so it is made fresh--that cheese makes me sick. Well what do you think I had? Freaking cheeseburgers.

It is a good thing our windows don't open, or I would have jumped right out.

To highlight how strange this day was, I also had an invitation from my OB/Gyn to come up in there or no more pills for me, so I called hoping to make an appointment for Friday. And who gets in to the doc that fast? I have had bones sticking out and not gotten in the doc that fast. But lucky me, gets the Friday appointment--that does work out well, since I can just stay the weekend with Barry and we can do fun stuff.

Some good things did happen today--probably because whoever was in charge of these things did not know me, or somehow they would have gone wrong too. I got Jimmy Buffett tickets for April 29 in St Louis. I could only get lawn seats even though they just went on sale this morning, but that is what I would have bought anyway. So anyone in the area that wants to go, hurry up and get em and we can all hang out--it is a Thursday nite. There is little more fun in the world than some Buffett in the spring time.

And since I will be in St Louis for the doctor appointment, I got tickets to see Stifler's mom, Jennifer Coolidge, at a comedy club, and had Barry make us dinner reservations for some good Italian food. Now if that is not the way to celebrate going to the cooter doctor, I do not know what is.


3 Men and a Lady said...

Wow, what a day! I hope your weekend makes up for it. We have THE WORST McD's in the whole universe in my town. Nearly every time our order is screwed. I think it's a sign from God that I should not be eating that shit. But it's so deliciously bad.

Holly said...

you exhaust me with all you pack into a day!

Anonymous said...

As I have said before------

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

all in one day and not in that order.

What is with Mickey D's--they all stink--dirty----unorganized and make money hand over fist.

Why? ? ? French fries anyone!
Enjoy Carol

Jocelyn said...

Livin on the edge again are we?

I hate those cashless weeks until payday too :)

The Wife said...

What a crap day! I have to admit. The husband and I parked at a restaurant sunday and while we walked to the door, saw the McDonald's next door. We actually walked over to McD's to eat! We hadn't ate there in forever. It was good. I'm so not doing well with my health eating!

the cubicle's backporch said...

Um. WTF? How can the trailer dealer NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE?! Maybe you should drive by there to see if your trailer is still there or if they SOLD IT b/c they are STUPID!

The McDonalds by work is HORRIBLE. I've been there 3 times since I started working here and they've messed up my order 2 of those times. I tend to think like 3 men and a lady- it's probably a sign I shouldn't be eating there!!

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