Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I just checked on pig when I finally got around to getting some dinner out of the freezer (at 10:30 p.m. mind you). He has added a VCR tape to his fort and thankfully, he has gotten his tarp back. Barry must have felt bad about taking it, because he gave it back and pig has it all wrapped up with his other important stuff.

The best thing he has is a really thick bicycle cable. I have never seen it before, so who knows where he got it, but he has it set up in the front of his resting area and he has put his head under it, so his snoot is locked down. I called Barry to tell him how funny he is and he told me that he saw it the other day when he first took the tarp, and it had poor pig pinned down so tight that when he first tried to after Barry for taking the tarp, he was stuck.

Poor pig.

I would take it away from him, but he has had a hard week already. And he is laying on it, in addition to being all wrapped up in it.

The only thing funnier I have thought about this week is Jenna telling me that she was attacked by a bat while she was nekkid in her laundry room, and how it chased her all the way up the stairs to her room. That cracks me up too.


3 Men and a Lady said...

Attacked by a what? A bay? Oh! Do you mean bat? (the t and y are side by side). If it was a bat that would scare the shit out of me!! They're like birds, but grosser and scarier!

EmmaP said...

eww on the bats!

poor pig is right. Sometimes when I read about pig I forget you are talking about a REAL pig. I dont know why, but in my fictional mind, I keep envisioning an old smelly hobbit of a man who does really weird things! lol!

Anonymous said...

Aw! excusing you---cause you are busy-----

but no pictures of Pig and his "fort"? ? ?? ??

Does your friend have bats in her belfrey????? Weird?

Enjoy Carol

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