Friday, February 19, 2010

Project Rebound- Foxy, Week Five

What do you think? I was really anxious to unwrap Foxy on Thursday--first, because I skipped a week of documenting her weight as we were called out of town to Barry's mom's hospitalization last week and second, because Madison is back and had to do the feeding for me while I have been out of town so much. She feeds her less than I do, based on what feed I still have versus what I would have had if I had been feeding, but that is all right, since it was time to step it down on the feed anyway. I had no idea what to expect today.
I have been unable to start the exercise program, due to my absence, and as you see, more snow and ick than we ever get here.
I was so excited to see that we are still gaining ground, and not losing as I thought might have been the case.
Excuse the unrefined ass shots, but I wanted to show that her thighs are back together completely now, her vulva is back to proper placement, and she has had no more drainage to scald her--in fact, new hair is growing there. Also, the width is starting to increase--she is getting some shape back to her.
Still a little rough in that six inches in front of her pelvis, but it sure has come a long way. And the doc reminds me that will take exercise as much as the protein, so I am not worried any more.
Overall, I am thrilled. I so badly want it to clear up so I can get her moving some--but more snow is coming this weekend. My Gator has been buried under snow all week--yes snow IN the barn--so not very useful to me. When we stripper her off for her pictures, she was practically zinging out of her skin. She has been in a very large pen, but it has been frozen, so not really conducive to kicking up her heels--and she wanted to bail when we got her out to open ground. I think I will try to exercise her some on Saturday if it is at all possible, then turn her out in the front pasture for a little run, if it is not too gross. She seems to really want to play.

I am really pleased with the progress. I cannot believe this is the same horse that scared me so just over a month ago. She is really making me crave spring.


Screwed Up Texan said...

So, I'll confess that I havent been to your blog for what feels like ages. So let me tell what a shock it was to go to your blog, look at the photos, and see a horse's butt staring back at me.

Holly said...

huge huge huge improvement.

huge I tell you.

Pony Girl said...

Wow, I think she looks great!! Definite noticeable improvement from your previous pictures.
Hope Barry's mom is okay!!

Anonymous said...

Foxy is beginning to look FOXY--butt end or not. Yay! ! !

Hope the weekend is nice---Barry's mom improving-----all in all OK

Enjoy Carol

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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