Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wow-what a day!

I did not think the end of this day would ever come.

I had a crazy nite last nite with a potential disaster that is not mine to talk about. Very very very scary stuff though.

I was up and at em early this morning because Lorna called me in what I thought was the middle of the nite. Turned out it was 8 am. Oops. I fed ponies, went to spinning and got to St Louis as fast as I could to be there by the time dad got out of surgery, which should have been around 11:30. Needless to say--he was not out for another hour.

The surgeries this week have been a little rough, I guess. He keeps having heart surgeries--his old bypasses are clogged up. Because they have to keep trying, he is developing scar tissue where they do the incision, and keep having to make it bigger and bigger. That, and all the blood thinners he is on, led him to some complications and he had to get some blood transfusions. He is kind of a mess. But doing that through the night, and during surgery today, seems to have settled him down, and the surgery was hopefully a success.

I got to see someone at the hospital that I have not seen in years and years. That was cool. I even like her, and you know how rare that is. When I was little bitty, I spent a lot of time with her and her husband. They were missionaries and she taught at a University in China for a while. They are amazing people. She is widowed now, which is awful, but still so great to see her.

I got myself home, ahead of schedule. Boy howdy was I excited. I knew Madison had fed for me, and I was considering not going to the farm to double check, but I knew I would feel so bad that I would not be able to relax anyway. So I came home, got the water hose and what do I notice? Its cold as a bitch in this house.

I mean COLD. 48 degrees. That is even colder than I can stand it. Since I just got $800 of propane about 5 weeks ago, I was fit to be tied. I had no hot water, but still checked to see if the pilot light was lit on the water heater and it was. Hmm. By the time I figured out that meant I had bigger problems than maybe being out of propane, I was halfway back to the farm to water.
I called the furnace repair dude and left a message.

Barry had some thoughts about what it might be, so while the water ran, I came home. And the craziest thing had happened. It had gotten up to 56 degrees in here. WTF? I am not complaining, but what in the world is going on here?

Back to the farm I went, watered some more, doctored Foxy who really wants to go play. I think I will put her out in a pen tomorrow since it is all frozen and she won't have to fight the mud. I cleaned her stall, finished things up and came home. By then I was itchy with hay reaction so I jumped in the shower. Now I am wondering if I am cold from that, or if it is getting colder in here again.

If it is not one thing, it is another, isn't it?

Oh well, surely it is fixable. I do not know how long furnaces live and this is the original one, from when the house was built in 1996 or so. Does that mean it might be dying?


3 Men and a Lady said...

Your furnace SHOULD last longer than 13 or 14 years. I wonder what is wrong with it... Ours is 20+ years old and still going strong ( kind of loud compared to new ones and it's not so energy efficient, and we've had it repaired a few times, but it works). Hopefully it's something cheap and easy to fix like the fan or the part on the propane tank that feeds the furnace. Is the pilot light on? Listen to me, you'd think I repaired them, lol.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Oh my, sounds like problems! Did you have to take a cold shower? Brrrr! Maybe it is a valve to the propane or something since both the heat and the hot water aren't working properly. Do you have a wood stove or any other source of heat? How about cooking- gas or electric, and does IT work?

Every morning I jump out of bed and turn on the furnace and one morning my heat didn't turn on. I freaked. Turns out my son was playing with the wall switch on the thermostat and turned it off or something. He got it working for me so I only had one cold morning to deal with.

Sorry to read about your Dad. Sending prayers your way.

hooves said...

Your furnace should last longer than the one in our mobile home, but you never know. I think ours is about 20 years old and it had to have a new motor a few years ago. It could also be something simple like the thermostat. We hope! You don't even have the horse trailer to sleep in. Oops! I hope you have lots of blankets. Good luck tomorrow and glad your dad is atleast a bit better. hooves

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other gals---Furnaces and A/C's were our business and our livihood. ( Ask Lorna for details) but absolutely a furnace should last longer than 14 years. Should be a fixable problem---just an annoyance till the repair job is done.

Dad: so serious----and hope he improved somewhat during the night. Obviously he has a long way to go yet.

Thoughts are definitely sent your way.

We will get the snow/ice down here while you ---up north---should be OK. Here we go again! ! !


Gail said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad but glad to know it is going better.

Just think how mundane things would be if there were never any surprises!

Holly said...

I hate heat issues! I am so cold all the time that when things don't work right, it makes me cranky.

Sounds like your dad is improving. So many issues. Best wishes for your family.

How is the infection with Foxy? Improving? Is she eating hay still?

Whatever the potential disaster was, I am glad it was averted.

Jocelyn said...

Glad to hear Dad is doing better. MAybe the furnace man needs to replace the ignition, thats what ours does.

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