Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project Rebound--Foxy and Dad

This morning, Foxy told me that under no circumstances would she be taking off this blanket to have her Thursday Rebound pictures. Check out the look on her face. She was not kidding. I wonder how she will feel about the big snow storm coming in tonight? I am probably going to leave her out there since there is a huge shelter in that pen--not that I have seen her in it yet, but surely at some point she will go in it.

I hoped it would warm up to take her pics, but it did not. So by 5 pm, I told her to suck it up, she was getting stripped. That explains why the pics suck so bad---either the flash caused glare like in this one, or the shot is really dull, which obscures details. But whatcha gonna do--I think they show the big picture here.

This shows that her hips are still light and that her butt is not back, but it has come a long way from when her tailbone was sticking up two weeks ago.
Yeah this one is not even in focus. But where are her ribs? HIDING! And since she has been blanketed, her hair is laying flat. This is not an illusion. Her ribs do not show. There are still some top line issues, but she is filling in for sure. That and her rear end will be the last to completely fill out, but I am so excited by the progress made over the last few weeks.
She is standing really weird here, so her underline looks stupid--ignore that. This pic most prominently shows her spine just in front of her pelvis.
Now that the ground is frozen, she can spend some more time outside. I did not want her burning calories fighting the mud and much, so she has been stalled until yesterday when it froze again. Now she can have at this alfalfa full time. Why so much of it is completely outside of the pen, I have no idea. I had to stand in the hay pile to take some of the pics tonight, and it is clear she is using it as much as a bed as anything. Oh well. She has cut her senior feed intake in half. She tends to do that when her water source is not as plentiful as she would like it. She has a 100 gallon trough but it frosts over. She can and does break it, and I break it several times a day. We can only run so many tank heaters on our electrical system, so she gets the short end of the stick on that deal. She has finished her antibiotics, but is still taking her ulcer meds, her Visorbin and occasionally the Probios biscuits that just really piss her off. If I do not hide them, she will not eat them and she is learning to hunt for them or just not eat if she thinks they are in there.

In other news, my dad got out of the hospital today. He was supposed to come home yesterday but was not well enough. He has some unpleasant side effects from these surgeries and is pretty beat up. He goes back to the surgeon on Tuesday to make sure those things are subsiding. I have not seen him yet since they got home this evening, and I just have not had time yet since I had to do so much to get ready for the ice storm. I will run over there tomorrow.

Also, Barry is on his way home! Hallelujah! I hope he stays safe driving right through the eye of the storm. I expect him some time tomorrow. Yay!


Holly said...

improvement all around. Barry coming home, Foxy putting on weight (Mojo has some extra she can have), your dad being well enough to come home and the snow storm. Oh...wait....snow is not good news is it?

Anonymous said...

A good beginning to a nice weekend----except for the snow----and it looks like it will all STAY down here. Our turn for a change---and better for you.

Glad Dad is doing OK--Foxy too

Enjoy Carol

Michelle said...

I feel like I missed a chapter - I didn't realize all this stuff was going on. But I'm glad it's looking up a bit and especially that Foxy is putting on some weight.

Amy said...

Hey Paige! Glad to hear that Barry was able to come home this weekend - would have liked to catch up with him in Houston, but know that you are so excited to have him back home! Also, glad to hear that your Dad is back home - I hope he has a speedy recovery! Stay safe this weekend in the storm!

Shelley said...

Glad to hear your father is home and that Barry is on his way. Stay safe and I hope the storm stays south of southern IL. I made it out today and dodged the fuzz on the way to northern Illinois.

Anonymous said...

great read. I would love to follow you on twitter.

joshg said...

Hi! I came across your blog, and am glad to hear the Foxy is doing better.

I wanted to make the comment that if you are giving her the Probios treats to gain back the post-antibiotic bacteria and she is not liking them in treat form, it may be much easier and effective for you to try giving her either Probios Equine One Oral Gel, Probios Dispersible Powder, or Probios Feed Granules. If she is not taking well to the probiotics in treat form, it will likely be much easier to mix it with her feed/drink as horses seem to like the taste of the gel, powder, and granules.

I thought I'd pass this on to you as it may make both you and Foxy's life a little easier. ;)

Take care.

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