Saturday, January 30, 2010

Take two

So that did not last long. Dad is back in the hospital.

He had a rough night last nite--shortness of breath, and so weak he could not move on his own. He went back to the emergency room at his hospital--about 100 miles away--today. We went to see him there and while he knew he was being admitted, he was not moved to a room until just now. About 7 hours after getting there.

They are testing him to see what his deal is--he is retaining fluid, which might explain the shortness of breath. His blood count is low again, so they are going to give him more blood. They think he is bleeding internally, near the incision site. They think he has a pseudo-aneurism, what ever that is. Whether he has had another heart attack has not been ruled out, but I am the only one who has actually asked that question, as far as I can tell. I guess it is not the top of the list of concerns.

The grossest part is his swelled up nut. Apparently, one of them is the size of a small watermelon. I am taking his word for it, I don't want anything to do with that, thank you very much. He is cracking jokes about it though. Evidently, even the doc was shocked, although it is not uncommon, I guess. I told him he needs a basket to carry it around with him, which led to more disgusting conversation. I will spare you those details.

Since we were in St Louis, we looked at apartments for Barry in Soulard, and looked for trucks. Long long day.


hooves said...

My dad had the big testicle thing and I think they eventually went in and drained it, but don't really remember. The fluid sounds like congestive heart failure, which can be controlled for a long time with meds. I would think they would have to go in and see where the bleeding is coming from, but hey- I'm not a doctor. I'm sorry for your long day and hope things get better. hooves

Holly said...

holy cow Paige! Hope your dad starts on the road to .permanent. recovery soon!

Hope you and Barry find a nice apartment!

Jocelyn said...

FFS PAIGE MY DARLING ! The drama never ends it just goes into syndication and reruns !

Heres a prayer for poor Dad and his man bits ! that would be awful!
Keep your chin up!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I sure hope they get everything sorted out quickly and he gets better even faster. Must be so painful...

Anonymous said...

It is Sunday morning and I hope it was a quiet night for all involved.

Dad and heart conditions and hopefully there will be some answers with problem solving decisions made today.

and of course for a nice apt for Barry-----

Take care and thoughts are with you and your family

Gail said...

Well wishes coming your way

Shelley said...

I hope the docs get things under control for your father.

The Wife said...

Saying a prayer for your dad. Hope they figure it out soon, for his nut's sake!

Anonymous said...

Paige, thanks for keeping this sister informed. Talked with Mom and am up to date. Call if you want me to come, I am available whenever.

Love you,
Aunt Jana

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear about the drama. Best wishes to Pops for a speedy recovery.

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