Monday, February 1, 2010

This would be funny--if it weren't so absurd

Things that are wrong, as of this minute, 9:48 pm on Monday nite.

Dad is still in the hospital. He evidently had a little heart attack, at least according to the enzymes. But he has stopped bleeding and finally felt strong enough to eat something tonight. He is also getting rid of all the fluid he built up. Barry saw him tonight and said he looked way better than Saturday. Overall that is good--but about the only good thing today.

I evidently forgot to get the dogs out of bed this morning, so they were locked in until I got home at 8 pm. Guess what that means? Pee. Huge puddles of pee all over the master bedroom. Very unpleasant.

We ran out of propane AGAIN last nite. So we spent another nite with it being only 50 degrees up in here. I did not really mind, but Barry sure did. He had to add the stinky, should be pitched down comforter that smells like mildew. Good times.

Propane came today. I specifically asked for only half a tank, as I only had that much money. Truth be told, I do not have that much. Used to be they would let you make payments on account and it was no big deal, but now they are fussy about it and want it all within 48 hours. They do this despite their total failure to do anything they are supposed to do--like keep it full, let me buy in advance, at summer prices, etc. I assumed I would get 200-250 gallons for 4-500 bucks. What did I get? 200 gallons for $505. That is obscene. Even worse is that it will only last a month. And I keep my house at 60 degrees, so it is not like I am wasting it. Only the water heater takes propane, other than the furnace. I am in sticker shock. It would be one thing if I had to pay it and it lasted a while, but to know we will go through this again in a matter of weeks makes me crazy. It will even out after that, but winter time is brutal.

Something is going bad wrong in the bathrooom. I noticed a little water leaking out under the base of the toilet this morning--I cleaned it up and it seemed to have stopped. Evidently it did not, as now that I am home and can look closer tonight, I see that the entire laminate wood floor in there has warped. Big time. Noticeably so since this morning, even. That means I have to call the damn plumber. I am scared of a plumber. They cost a lot.

What else is the matter with me? I know there are some more things. It is entirely possible I am just blocking it all out of my brain, so it does not explode


3 Men and a Lady said...

Wow. Your world sucks right now. We run out of propane at least twice/year. Our gauge is broke and rather than replace it, we just wing it. Guess who is ALWAYS the one in the shower when the hot water is all gone??

And yes, the propane companies are aholes. Never on time. Leave ruts in the yard and want your right arm for their fuel.

I hope your dad recovers quickly, too. That is scary stuff.

My parents had a leaky toilet once, turned out the seal went bad. They fixed it themselves I believe. Good luck.

And I hope the dog pee smell fades fast.

hooves said...

We are lucky here with out gas company. We are on a budget plan where we pay so much a month year round. Right now it is something like $116.00. There is one month where you have to catch up if your budget hasn't covered the whole amount. Some years they make the amount and some years lower. It is Ferrellgas, so maybe you can check and see if they have a branch over there. Every little bit helps. I hope your dad continues to get better. On the bathroom front I would guess that the seal around the toilet is broken. That happened to us once. Of course, I kept telling Randy that it was leaking under the floor etc. but he didn't listen until it was a major problem. Plumbers are expensive, but much cheaper than all new floors in the house. Hopefully, things will get better. hooves

Anonymous said...

Good news about your Dad.

Good grief on everything else.

As Hooves said---check around for a different gas co. We too have LP for furnace but out company is fine---careful----on time----but they too discontinued the "summer fill up costs and budget program too" Don't understand why---it becomes a sure thing for their business during the non heating season to have customers paying in advance and a steady income for their business.

Toilets---leaks----and seals. Perhaps-- - - -

Weather improving so enjoy

Michelle said...

Yuck. Not a happy Monday, for sure. Hope the rest of the week gets better for you!

Holly said...

January and February are .very. hard on my paychecks. The 2 worst months. By Feb I am starting to panic a little because the house is COLD, I am buying pellets like there is no tomorrow and I see no end to the drain on my checkbook.

I feel for you....when $$ leaves my hand in hundred dollar chunks multiple times per month it makes me scared I won't have enough.

Glad your dad is better!

The Wife said...

I'm so lucky the only that runs on propane is my stove/oven. And that doesn't get that much use with the husband working in the evenings. I hardly ever cook supper.

My issue has been with mice. I can hear them in the bathroom wall. Every morning they squeak at me. And it smells like something is dead under the house. Ugh!

At least your dad is doing a little better. That's good.

Shelley said...

Those are some awful heating bills.

EmmaP said...

yowza! i remember when my parents used to get propane. it cost a fortune to fill that tank!

sorry about the crap (and the pee, tee hee)! hope all gets better soon!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I hope your Dad is feeling well again really soon.

I guess I'm lucky on my propane company- they offer a 10% discount if you pay within 10 days. I generally wait till the 9th or 10 day...

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