Thursday, January 7, 2010

Think its cold here?

Doesn't Gypsy look cold? This was yesterday--before the snow started. It just looked cold out there to me. But look how cute her little baby tummy is. I love her.

Ok, this is really cold. This tank froze over nite all the way through 100 gallons despite this working heater. We can not get ahead of it, so I have been wagging buckets for the boys. Their spigot is also frozen. Thus the buckets carried from the house. I swear I carried 17 5 gallon buckets to water three boys the first nite. Then I figured outa hose would be handy so I bought another one, and it was too short. But I only had to lug buckets 25 feet instead of 75 so I was cool with that.

Now I am out of town to go on a prison visit and Barry had to come home to take care of everything. He seems to have gotten caught up in a football game, and found that something had gone berserk with the farm spigot and it is frozen. Everyone is good except the stalls--but hey, they have to drink too! He will figure it out though, and I am not going to keep nagging him about it.

I finally gave in to go to the doc today about my crazy rash and face that looks like the cheese grater got me. It is out of control allergy problems---I got steroids, new allergy meds, and an ointment to put on my eyes. The steroids are already making me feel better but I still look absolutely insane., with red rimmed puffy rough eyes. Not at all cute. Good thing I was in a car all afternoon and evening with some other lawyers, laughing our butts off. I have not had so much fun on the interstate in a long time. My face hurts from laughing so hard....or any number of other reasons, come to think of it.

We have some serious business tomorrow and then have to make the long trek back home again---where we will be getting temperatures lower than we have had in like 30 years. This pig of mine will end up sleeping in the bathroom yet, to keep him warm enough, and I don't think even Barry will argue with me. We had about three inches of snow when I left today, but were due to get more. That is huge for our house, where it rarely snows and NEVER gets this cold. We have not been over freezing in about ten days I think. New hay is supposed to be delivered on Saturday but I may call and see if we can delay it, due to weather....who wants to stand out in that and unload a semi? It is dangerous out there now---5 below tonight, the weather says. ouch. I don't know how you cold place people live like this


3 Men and a Lady said...

I hear ya. It's the same here. I wish it'd warm up to a balmy 30 or something.

Holly said...

I hate living in the cold but I will say this, we are prepared for it mostly.

We are already getting more snow, it was snowing heavily on the way home from work at 11.

Anonymous said...

Report from NW Tenn---COLD COLD and 4 above this morning with a minue 10 wind chill factor. And yes the COLDEST we have ever had since we retired down here.

However being Northern Yankees---use common sense--and dress appropriately and all OK--kinda! But I do feel a little sorry for the Southern Beaus and Belles.

Paducah was open yesterday---and all was fine with that--saw Dr----and did the shopping AND HAD DELICIOUS CHINESE SUPPER. All is good.

Try to keep warm as well as all your guys and gals on the farm.
Enjoy Carol

Michelle said...

Wow! That is some cold weather for sure. Yuck. I have to say, I don't envy you that. Sorry to hear about the allergy issues.... that's no fun to deal with. Hope it all gets sorted out soon! Stay warm!

hooves said...

Hey! I have learned something that may help you in all of this frigid weather. We have a huge metal tank out back for Thumper and Tru and it isn't freezing. Randy says it is because we have a heater in there that sits on the bottom. Since heat rises that is probably why. The two donkeys have one of those 16 gallon water buckets with the heater built in. It is sitting outside and is not frozen. All water buckets and bowls for the dogs, cats, pigs, and rabbit are not frozen. I think that on them it is because the hitting element is in the bottom. They are sitting right out in the open also. Just in case you want to make things easier you can go buy different tank heaters. Do you think your rash is from the new coveralls? hooves

Amy said...

Oh my! That is entirely too cold! Brrr...I will not complain about the weather out here anymore (though there is no insulation in my apt, so it's a bit chilly at night) Hope you are able to stay warm and the horsies can get some not frozen water to drink! We should start to plan our trip soon to give you something warm to think about!!! :)

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I have to second what Holly said, those of us that live in cold country are usually better set up to deal with extreme cold. LOL-Anything to do with water, we base it around how much cold can it stand and is it out of the wind.

I think your little floater heater isn't quit big enough to handle what you are going through at the moment.

But look on the bright can tell the Beast that you have kept up on the weight lifting.;)

Don't freeze down there. I know you Southerners have thin blood.:O LOL

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